Storyline Movie The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024

 Horror | 2024 | R | 91 Minutes | 17 May 2024

Storyline Movie The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024

Storyline Movie The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024
Storyline Movie The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024 poster

Storyline / Plot The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024

Maya and her boyfriend Ryan drive across the country, celebrating their five year anniversary. Lost, they stop in a little town in Oregon called Venus. The locals concern them and their car breaks down. The towns mechanic, Rudy, agrees to repair their car the adjacent daylight and they are goaded to stay the night in an Airbnb.

A woman appears at the way in after coarse repeated knocking, asking if Tamara is here, to which the couple responds no. Ryan goes incite into town once a motorcycle to retrieve his inhaler, which he left at the rear in the car. Alone, Maya is unaware of Scarecrow silently stalking her. The power shuts off and Dollface's rapid announce leads her to hide. Ryan returns, deeming it a ruse. The couple complex notices blood dripping above from a dead chicken hanging upon the chandelier. They are attacked by Scarecrow, who pauses his pursuit and leaves the house.

The couple flees outside to run off later than the motorcycle but it is blown in the works by Scarecrow. Using the homes crawlspace, they narrowly avoid physical found as Maya accidentally strikes her hand upon a nail. taking into consideration they make it to the shed, Ryan finds a shotgun and rescues Maya from unusual attack.

Ryan mistakenly shoots the Airbnb's owner, killing him. They try to escape taking into account his vehicle, but get T-boned by Scarecrow's truck. Maya runs into the woods but Ryan is unable to involve as his leg is stuck. Maya calls 911 but the call fails due to a want of service. She comes across a corpse, is discovered by Dollface, and is knocked out. Ryan holds Pin-Up girl at gunpoint, demanding to know of Maya's whereabouts. Scarecrow subsequently knocks him out, too.

Both wake up tied to chairs in the house. In their last moments, Ryan offers to marry Maya, which she accepts. As they sob together, Ryan is fatally stabbed and his seat is knocked over, causing him to choke on his own blood. Maya asks why they're proceed this, to which they suitably reply, "Because you're here." She is next stabbed and knocked over as well. Police sirens are heard in the keep apart from and the perpetrators keenness away. Maya awakes in a hospital bed, having survived the night. She rises from the bed and doesnt message Scarecrow lying next-door to her.

Movie`s Details The Strangers: Chapter 1 2024

Title: The Strangers: Chapter 1
Original Title: The Strangers: Chapter 1
Genre: Horror
Writer: Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Bryan Bertino
Director: Renny Harlin
Actors: Ryan Bown, Matus Lajcak, Olivia Kreutzova, Letizia Fabbri
Runtime: 91 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Release Date: 17 May 2024
Production: Fifth Element Productions, Slovenian Film Fund, Frame Film
Tagline: cabin in the woods, oregon, number 1 in title, stranger, small town
IMDb Rating: 4.7/10 From 11186 Votes

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