Storyline Movie In a Violent Nature 2024

 Drama, Horror, Thriller | 2024 | Not Rated | 94 Minutes | 28 June 2024

Storyline Movie In a Violent Nature 2024

Storyline Movie In a Violent Nature 2024
Storyline Movie In a Violent Nature 2024 poster

Storyline / Plot In a Violent Nature 2024

A action of contacts discover a locket hanging on the remains of a flame tower. One of them, Troy, pockets it. Moments later, the corpse of Johnny rises from the ground. Enraged, he begins his search for the locket and walks through the woods. He pauses at the sight of a rotting fox corpse and hears a to hand upheaval between two men, one of whom set the traps that killed the fox. Johnny walks to the house and enters unnoticed. gone he sees a necklace that he mistakes for his locket, he has a brief memory of his father. The homeowner soon returns, but is shocked by Johnny and runs away. In the woods, he gets his leg stuck in his own bear trap and is killed by Johnny. Later, Johnny hears a car in the turn your back on and pursues it.

The work of connections are sitting on the order of a campfire. One of them, Ehren, recounts Johnny's death: years prior, Johnny was tricked into climbing a ember tower for a "bag of toys", solitary to find someone waiting at the summit to alarm clock him. He fell off the tower and snapped his neck, taking into account the incident subconscious played off as a mistake to officials. After the story, the bureau goes inside the cabin. Ehren steps uncovered and is killed by Johnny in the manner of a hacksaw. Johnny subsequently drags his body to a comprehensible park ranger office. Inside, Johnny collects a pair of dragging hooks and an axe and dons an antediluvian firefighter mask.

The adjacent day, Johnny comes across Aurora and Brodie on a lake dock. Brodie wants to swim but Aurora leaves to practice yoga. As Brodie swims in the lake alone, Johnny submerges in the water and drags her underneath, drowning her. He then pursues Aurora, who is standing near a cliffside practicing yoga. Johnny forces his hand through her stomach, smashes a hook into her head, and drags her head through her right of entry belly in the past throwing her body the length of the cliff.

Later, Troy, Colt, and Evan argue higher than car keys and their missing associates and one throws his keys into the woods, which Johnny picks up. He plays gone an attached toy car keychain as Colt and Kris drive off upon an ATV. Johnny kills Troy and Evan.

Colt and Kris discover Ehren's body at the park ranger station and the ranger there explains Kris has Johnny's locket and he will save coming for it. Johnny approaches the activity and is subdued previously he escapes and paralyzes the ranger and then kills him even though Colt and Kris flee.

Later, Colt attempts to distract Johnny to waylay him, but Johnny kills him. Kris leaves Johnny's locket hanging on a gas canister and flees into the woods. Kris accidentally injures her leg but limps to the friendly road. A woman in a pickup truck stops and offers to drive her to a hospital. The girl notices that Kris's bleeding has worsened and stops the truck, insisting that she put a tourniquet not far off from the disrespected leg. Terrified, Kris begs her to save driving and peers into the woods, waiting for something to appear. Elsewhere, the left-behind gas canister is missing Johnny's locket.

Movie`s Details In a Violent Nature 2024

Title: In a Violent Nature
Original Title: In a Violent Nature
Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Writer: Chris Nash
Director: Chris Nash
Actors: Ry Barrett, Andrea Pavlovic, Cameron Love, Reece Presley
Runtime: 94 Minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 28 June 2024
Production: Low Sky Productions, Shudder, Zygote Pictures
Tagline: slasher horror, canada, award
IMDb Rating: 6.2/10 From 3302 Votes

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