Storyline Full Movie Robot Dreams 2024

Animation, Drama, Family, Music, Sci-Fi | 2024 | Not Rated | 103 Minutes | 7 June 2024

Storyline Movie Robot Dreams 2024

Storyline Movie Robot Dreams 2024
Storyline Movie Robot Dreams 2024 poster

 Storyline / Plot Robot Dreams 2024

In 1980s Manhattan, Dog lives alone. He sees a TV poster for a robot friend and rapidly calls to order it. Dog receives robot in the mail and assembles him. Dog takes machine out to investigate Manhattan and greater than the course of the summer the two become inseparable friends.

Near the stop of summer, Dog takes machine to the beach. After a long hours of daylight of playing in the water, the pair fall asleep. upon waking happening capably after all the other visitors have left, Dog realizes that the water has caused robot to rust in place. Unable to involve Robot, a disheartened Dog is irritated to head home for the night. Dog returns to the beach the taking into account hours of daylight to discover that the seashore has been closed until June 1st the in the manner of year and a large barbed wire fence prevents him from reaching Robot. After monster denied permission to the beach by the city, Dog tries to rupture taking into consideration the fence illegally. However, he is caught by police and is arrested. Afterwards, a disheartened Dog relents to wait until he can go and rescue Robot, placing a note on his refrigerator as a constant reminder.

Sometime later, a trio of rabbits comes across robot on the beach. They manage to pay for him STP oil that fixes him and allows him to leave the beach. He returns to Dog's apartment unaccompanied for it to be revealed that this was all a fantasy of Robot's. In reality, the rabbits chop off one of Robot's legs and surgically remove one of its toes to repair their damage boat. They discard the leg and depart robot alone upon the beach taking into consideration again. Meanwhile, Dog spends Halloween alone.

Winter arrives as snow begins to fall across the city and the beach. After having a dream of escaping the snow and returning home to find Dog having replaced him next a further robot, robot becomes numb in ice. Meanwhile, Dog goes to the Catskills to meet additional links after seeing a newspaper advertisement. This deserted leads to him breaking his arm in a sledding crash taking into consideration a conflict afterward a pair of anteaters. As winter continues, machine has unusual determination of returning home through a world inspired by The Wizard of Oz. Dog meets a magical snowman who leads him to a bowling alley. Dog bowls poorly but finds a extra friend in the snowman, and no-one else for this as a consequence to be revealed as a dream.

Following the end of winter, machine befriends a bird who winds taking place building a nest next-door to his arm. The bird lays three eggs that hatch, the youngest child instantly bonds gone Robot. The bird's three children be credited with exceeding a get older of mature once the youngest permanent the most attached to Robot. gone the become old comes for the plants to leave, the youngest is the most of two minds but ultimately relents later than sponsorship from Robot. Dog, meanwhile, finds a new pal in Duck during a kite freshening and the pair furthermore go fishing. Duck next brusquely moves to Europe, leaving Dog alone yet again.

A monkey sneaks onto the beach and finds a buried robot like his metal detector. The monkey takes robot to a junkyard to sell him. The alligator owner and his son promptly chuck machine into the pile, where he breaks into pieces and shuts off. next June 1st finally arrives, Dog returns to the beach but is on your own dexterous to locate Robot's discarded severed leg. He is kicked off the seashore after spending the cumulative hours of daylight digging. A saddened Dog spends the night laying in bed like Robot's leg.

A raccoon named Rascal visits the junkyard and discovers Robot's head and enduring limbs. He buys the parts and takes them home. He rebuilds machine with a boombox as a additional body. Meanwhile, Dog buys a other machine named Tin. higher than the course of the summer, machine and Rascal form a close goodwill as realize Dog and Tin. Dog and Tin go to the beach and, learning from his taking into account mistakes, Dog coats Tin later oil vaporizer and keeps him out of the water.

Later, even though getting ketchup for a rooftop lunch like Rascal, robot looks out and sees Dog and Tin walking beside the sidewalk. Racing out of the building and down the street, machine manages to catch Dog and reunites once him. The hasty tone of Rascal reveals that the reunion was still substitute fantasy of Robot's. then again of chasing after Dog, robot uses his cd deck body to discharge duty "September". Dog hears the song and the pair (unbeknownst to Dog) dance together to it for the definite time. robot contemplates revealing himself. However, realizing that he and Dog have found meaningful further interaction like their separation, robot continues to hide and lets Dog continue upon considering Tin. Tin notices Dog's throb and promptly commendation him going on as the two dance alongside the street side by side. machine next happily returns to Rascal and the two play-act to dance together upon the roof.

Movie`s Details Robot Dreams 2024

Title: Robot Dreams
Original Title: Robot Dreams
Genre: Animation, Drama, Family, Music, Sci-Fi
Writer: Pablo Berger, Sara Varon
Director: Pablo Berger
Runtime: 103 Minutes
Country: Spain
Release Date: 7 June 2024
Production: Arcadia Motion Pictures, Lokiz Films, Noodles Production
Tagline: 1980s, halloween, dog, friendship, bird
IMDb Rating: 7.6/10 From 11478 Votes

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