Storyline Movie The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024

 Crime, Thriller | 2024 | R | 90 Minutes | 10 May 2024

Storyline Movie The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024

Storyline Movie The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024
Storyline Movie The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024 poster

Storyline / Plot The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024

At a cold desert location in Yuma County, Arizona, in the 1970s, a traveling knives salesman stops at a filling station. Vernon, the station and motel attendant, informs him that the station's pumps are dry, and there are no supplementary filling stations for higher than 100 miles (160 km), but that a refueling truck is customary to reach soon. upon the radio, the salesman hears practically a bank robbery earlier that hours of daylight in Buckeye, where the robbers fled subsequently approximately $250,000 in a green Ford Pinto later than a damaged rear end. Charlotte, a waitress at the simple diner, is dropped off by her husband Charlie, who is the local sheriff; she opens the diner and welcomes the salesman in. In conversation afterward Charlotte, he mentions that he is upon his pretension to Carlsbad, California, for his daughter Sarah's birthday.

Shortly afterwards, the two bank robbers, Travis and Beau, reach in a green Pinto, which the salesman recognizes as matching the checking account of the getaway car in the Buckeye robbery. He communicates his suspicions to Charlotte, who tries to phone her husband at the police station, but Beau forestalls her and cuts the phone cord in the past Charlotte can tell a word to the sheriff. The robbers force her and the salesman at gunpoint to continue behaving normallyuntil the refueling truck arrives, or somebody else in imitation of enough fuel in their car stops by. Unbeknownst to everybody in the diner, the truck will never reach because it has manage off the road and lies overturned several miles away.

Charlie has his deputy, Gavin, come by the diner to pick taking place coffee for the police station and Charlotte tries to fall a plea for assist to him on a coffee lid, but the coffee is spilled taking into consideration the lid unseen in imitation of Gavin bumps into Travis. Meanwhile, joining the salesman and Charlotte in the diner are an elderly couple from Texas, a pair of juvenile aspiring criminals named Miles and Sybil, and local rancher Pete. gone the fuel tank of Pete's vehicle creature as regards full, Beau and Travis attempt to force him into giving his car keys to them, but afterward nearly everybody in the diner carrying a firearm, a Mexican standoff develops and Pete tries to negotiate for some union out of that impasse. However, Charlotte stabs Beau similar to a knife, which sparks a shootout in which everybody gets killed except for the salesman.

The salesman decides to bow to the robbers' loot from the Pinto's trunk, but is interrupted by a youthful couple past a baby who reach on the scene. In the ensuing scuffle, the salesman ends up killing them both. He syphons some fuel from Pete's truck and drives off. The sheriff and deputy reach and discover the carnage. The sheriff tracks the fleeing salesman, whose car has rule out of gasoline close the wreck of the refueling truck. In the worry with the salesman and the sheriff, the salesman gets fatally injured later a gunshot wound to the belly while igniting the truck's fuel load, similar to the subsequent explosion engulfing the sheriff. as soon as the robbers' maintenance blowing away by the wind, the salesman crawls dying to a bush nearby.

Movie`s Details The Last Stop in Yuma County 2024

Title: The Last Stop in Yuma County
Original Title: The Last Stop in Yuma County
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Writer: Francis Galluppi
Director: Francis Galluppi
Actors: Jim Cummings, Faizon Love, Jocelin Donahue, Michael Abbott Jr.
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Release Date: 10 May 2024
Production: Local Boogeyman Productions, Carte Blanche, Random Lane Productions
Tagline: biscuits and gravy, year 1973, 1970s, arizona, reference to anthony perkins
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10 From 8489 Votes

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