Storyline Full Movie Femme 2024

 Thriller | 2024 | 99 Minutes | 5 April 2024

Storyline Movie Femme 2024

Storyline Movie Femme 2024
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Storyline / Plot Femme 2024

Drag artiste Jules has just the end one of his shows at an East London nightclub taking into account he goes outdoor to smoke previously realising he is out of cigarettes. He bad skin a heavily tattooed minor man, Preston, watching him from afar. Preston after that abruptly leaves. Later, Jules goes into a openness shop to buy cigarettes in full drag. He anew encounters Preston, now accompanied by several friends. They begin to hurl homophobic slurs at Jules, who retorts that he axiom Preston checking him out. Enraged, Preston follows Jules out of the shop and brutally assaults him.

Three months later, Jules has stopped performing arts drag and become reclusive. One night, he goes to a gay sauna, where he is amazed to see Preston, who does not appear to recognise him out of drag. Jules follows him to the changing room, where Preston invites him back to his flat; Jules accepts. taking into consideration the two arrive, they begin to have sex past Preston's connections arrive, interrupting them. Jules borrows Preston's fake designer hoodiethe one Preston was wearing during the assaultand pretends he is there to buy drugs and leaves, but not back he gives Preston his phone number. Jules decides to correct revenge upon Preston for the attack by filming them having sex and posting it online.

Jules begins dating Preston, and they have sex several more times, as soon as Preston enjoying dominating Jules. upon one occasion, Preston spots Jules filming their engagement on his mobile phone. Angry, he takes Jules's phone and deletes the footage. However, he soon calms down, and the two have sex again, even though less rasping than before.

One night, Jules is on his quirk to Preston's flat bearing in mind Preston's contacts reach and disrupt their plans. Jules is invited by Preston's friends to spend period taking into consideration them and eventually go to a bar subsequent to them, which he does. Throughout the night, Jules stealthily flirts bearing in mind and teases Preston, eventually leading the two to recompense to Jules's house, where Jules begins to dominate Preston. bearing in mind Preston's consent, Jules films the two of them having sex.

The bearing in mind day, Preston enjoys breakfast considering Jules's two roommates, one of whom incognito invites him to Jules's birthday celebration, where Jules will appear in in drag for the first times since the assault. As Preston goes to leave, he kisses Jules. Jules next prepares to state the footage online but ultimately decides against it. on the night of the party, Preston arrives in imitation of a gift for Jules and gives it to Jules's roommate to look after. Not realising Preston is in the audience, Jules arrives on stage in drag, where he begins to say a bill about a "gay basher" he has seduced. Preston finally realises that Jules is the drag queen he assaulted months earlier, and he becomes visibly upset.

Preston ambushes Jules backstage, revealing that he knows who Jules is. He threatens Jules and demands to know who has seen the footage. Jules explains that he has not shown anyone and untouched his mind after getting to know Preston. Ultimately, the two engage in a violent battle that ends taking into account Preston as regards strangling Jules to death. However, Preston collapses in tears and lets Jules go. Battered and bloodied from the fight, Jules leaves Preston sobbing and returns home to find Preston's gift-wrapped present on his bed. He opens it; it is an authentic designer hoodie to replace the discharge duty one that Jules took from Preston earlier.

Movie`s Details Femme 2024

Title: Femme
Original Title: Femme
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping
Director: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping
Actors: George MacKay, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Antonia Clarke, John McCrea
Runtime: 99 Minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 5 April 2024
Production: Agile Films, Anton, BBC Film
Tagline: gay bathhouse, gay interest, gay, homophobia, gay bashing
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10 From 3982 Votes

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