Mean Girls 2024

Comedy, Musical | 2024 | PG-13 | 112 Minutes | 12 January 2024

Storyline Movie Mean Girls 2024

Mean Girls 2024
Mean Girls 2024

Storyline / Plot Mean Girls 2024

Sixteen-year-old homeschooled Cady Heron and her research scientist parents compensation to the joined States after 12 years in Africa, settling in Evanston, Illinois. After an intimidating first morning at North Shore high School, outsiders Janis Ian and Damian Leigh befriend Cady. They explain the school's various cliques, warning her just about the Plastics: wealthy but insecure Gretchen Wieners, endearing but dimwitted Karen Smith, and queen bee Regina George. Cady is invited to sit considering them at lunch, fittingly Janis persuades her to infiltrate them.

Cady becomes attracted to senior Aaron Samuels from her calculus class, Regina's ex, and sees the Burn Book, a scrapbook the Plastics occupy taking into account cruel rumors practically students and faculty. At a Halloween home party, then again of talking to Aaron on Cady's behalf, Regina kisses him in tummy of her and resumes their relationship. Feeling betrayed, Cady thoroughly commits to Janis' scheme to destroy Regina's life, targeting her boyfriend, body, and fellow Plastics. Regina reveals she and Janis were in imitation of associates until she accused Janis of bodily a lesbian and ostracized her.

Attempts to sabotage Regina's skin and wardrobe backfire, thus Cady, Janis, and Damian work to outlook Gretchen adjacent to her. They create her setting excluded by Regina, by sending candy cane-grams to Cady and Karen but not Gretchen. Regina highly developed humiliates her after the Plastics' dance con at the Winter capacity Show, as a result Gretchen tells Cady all of Regina's embarrassing secrets. Cady informs Aaron that Regina is cheating on him, prompting them to rupture up, and behavior her into eating Kalteen nutrition bars to lose weight, but which actually accomplish the opposite. After violating the Plastics' dress code rules by wearing sweatpants, the single-handedly thing that fit her, Regina is banished and Cady becomes the supplementary "queen bee".

When Janis invites Cady to her art show, she pretends she will be out of town bearing in mind her parents but otherwise throws a home party that night. Drunk, she admits to Aaron that she has been purposefully failing math class correspondingly he can teach her. He rebukes her for becoming as manipulative and image-obsessed as Regina and storms off just as Regina walks in on them. Janis and Damian approach Cady for lying to them nearly the party and becoming Regina. once Cady accuses Janis of being obsessed when her, Janis declares she is a "mean girl," bearing in mind Regina, consequently Janis renounces their friendship.

To get revenge, Regina writes a nasty note of herself in the Burn tape to frame Cady, Karen, and Gretchen. She distributes photocopies of the baby book throughout school, inciting chaos. Principal Duvall and math intellectual Ms. Norbury gather the female junior students in the gym to apologize to each other. Janis reveals her entire plot to ruin Regina, to the students' cheers. Regina storms out, pursued by an apologetic Cady, but is struck by a college bus in tummy of the moot and fractures her spine.

Ms. Norbury is investigated as a drug dealer due to explanation Cady wrote in the Burn Book, correspondingly Cady takes full responsibility. Shunned by her peers and distrusted by her own parents, she gradually returns to her archaic self. In order to earn further credit, Cady joins the bookish Mathletes at the confess finals, answering the tiebreaker correctly to win the championship. The team arrives at the Spring Fling dance, where Cady is elected queen. However, she tells her classmates that they are all fantastic in their own way, and snaps the plastic tiara and distributes the pieces to others in the crowd, including Janis, Gretchen, and Regina. She re-establishes her associates gone Janis and Damian, and makes good relations as soon as the Plastics. She next makes happening subsequently Aaron and they smooch as they ration a slow dance together.

The Plastics disband their senior year; Regina joins the lacrosse team to channel her anger, Karen becomes the hypothetical weather reporter, and Gretchen joins the "Cool Asians" clique. Aaron graduates and attends Northwestern university circles even though maintaining a membership bearing in mind Cady even though Janis starts a connection in the manner of Mathletes president Kevin Gnapoor. Reflecting on the relative social peace that has taken greater than North Shore High, Cady notices a trio of other "Junior Plastics".

Movie`s Details Mean Girls 2024

Title: Mean Girls
Original Title: Mean Girls
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Writer: Tina Fey, Rosalind Wiseman
Director: Samantha Jayne, Arturo Perez Jr.
Actors: Angourie Rice, Reneé Rapp, Auli'i Cravalho, Jaquel Spivey
Runtime: 112 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Release Date: 12 January 2024
Production: Paramount Pictures, Broadway Video, Little Stranger
Tagline: reference to africa, high school, coming of age, dance, pop musical
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10 From 24055 Votes

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