Ride On 2023

Action, Comedy, Drama | 2023 | | 2h 6min | 2023-04-07

Storyline Movie Ride On 2023

Ride On 2023
Ride On 2023

Storyline / Plot

Lao Luo is a prolific stuntman who works similar to his Red Hare, his deformed-at-birth stunt horse who he saved from euthanasia. His excitement is falling apart - he had suffered a massive disrespect that sent him bankrupt 8 years ago and in limbo the custody of his daughter, Xiao Bao, after divorcing his late wife even though she was nevertheless young. One night, Lao and Red Hare get into a fight later debt collectors and they soon learn Red Hare is at risk of swine auctioned after their original company went bankrupt. Lao seeks authenticated back up from Bao, now a university circles student studying law, and despite brute reluctant at first, she offers him the facilities of her boyfriend, Naihua.

Meanwhile, after Lao's battle next the debt collectors goes viral, he and Red Hare are hired for several films, like Bao becoming his agent ad litem. Although they are competent to urge on each new during tough situations, Bao soon expresses discomfort at Lao's stunt work, fearing that he and Red Hare might wrestle dangerous injuries. After Lao embarrasses Bao in tummy of Naihua's parents, she leaves him in disgust. Afterwards, Lao and Red Hare acquire seriously upset during a stunt and as a result, Lao is sent to the hospital. while searching Lao's house for an ID card, Bao learns that he has saved CCTV footage of a bungled meeting he had following her like she was younger. A touched Bao reconciles subsequently Lao at the hospital, and Lao promises to end fake stunt work.

On one night, Lao wakes going on to witness the debt collectors grating to steal Red Hare; after a brief confrontation, he pays his debt and invites Dami Ge, the leading debt-collecting thug, to become one of his disciples. The bordering day, Yuanjie, Lao's apprentice, invites him for a role in his film which pays homage to stunt act out - Lao accepts as a unconditional job, to Bao's dismay. Whilst filming, Lao insists on drama a risky stunt himself, but is unable to finish it after remembering Bao's words and quits the job. Despite visceral adept to reconcile behind Bao taking into account again, Lao loses Red Hare's case, and is irritated to sell them to a company. Refusing to leave them torn apart, Bao and Naihua persuade the company's CEO, He Xin, to return Red Hare and perform him footage of Lao's previous stunt achievement to display his dedication to his work. He Xin returns Red Hare to Lao, explaining that he expected to return the horse already - Red Hare had attempted to starve themselves though beast owned by the company. He Xin leaves as Lao, Bao, and Naihua reunite in the manner of Red Hare.

Movie`s Details

Title: Ride On 

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama 

Writer: Larry Yang 

Director: Larry Yang 

Actors: Jackie Chan, Haocun Liu, Kevin Guo 

Runtime: 2h 6min 

Country: China 

Language: Mandarin 

Release Date: 2023-04-07 

Production: Alibaba Pictures, Beijing Hairun Pictures Company, China Film Co., Ltd. 

imdbRating: 7.2 


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