Polite Society 2023

Action, Comedy | 2023 | PG-13 | 1h 44min | 2023-04-28

Storyline Movie Polite Society 2023

Polite Society 2023
Polite Society 2023

Storyline / Plot

In London, British-Pakistani young person Ria Khan aspires to become a movie stuntwoman with her idol, Eunice Huthart. under an alter-ego, "The Fury", Ria creates films of martial arts training when the encourage of her older sister Lena, who has dropped out of art speculative and moved back in following their loving but established parents, Fatima and Rafe, both of them discouraging Ria's dreams.

At school, Ria is inseparable from her associates Clara and Alba, but their disapproving literary urges her to pursue a more "serious" career. Ria's emails to Eunice roughly a potential mentorship go unanswered, and she is soundly defeated by the moot bully Kovacs. The Khan associates is invited to an Eid Mubarak soire by Raheela, the leader of Fatima's social circle of Pakistani mothers, at her lavish mansion. Ria realizes the party has been approved to locate a customary consent for Raheela's son Salim, a affluent geneticist, but is unable to end Lena from agreeing to a date.

To Ria's horror, Lena is charmed by Salim and, after a few whirlwind weeks of dating, agrees to marry him and disturb to Singapore. Despite their parents' support, Ria's refusal to accept Lena's choices, including abandoning her art career, drives the sisters apart. Convinced there must be a more sinister explanation, Ria enlists Clara and Alba's assist to spy upon Salim. They concoct an overdo plan to steal his laptop, and Ria distracts him though her friends hack his computer, but they find nothing incriminating.

Desperate to sabotage Lena's relationship, Ria lashes out at her friends, and breaks into Salim's bedroom to forest used condoms. She is caught, and confronts Salim afterward a characterize of his first wife, whom he explains died in childbirth. Furious, Lena berates Ria to offer taking place the fantasies that her sister will amend her mind just about marriage, or that she will ever become a stuntwoman.

At odds in imitation of her sister and ignored by her friends, Ria gives stirring martial arts. She visits Raheela to apologize and is dragged into joining her spa day, where Raheela reveals her authenticated colors and tortures Ria once waxing. engagement off Raheela's staff, Ria stumbles into the mansion's unmemorable lab and discovers that every the eligible women at the Eid party were incognito scanned and tested, and Lena was selected for her fertility.

Escaping put up to home, Ria realizes she cannot convince her relations of the truth. She tells Clara and Alba, and together they devise a plan, persuading Kovacs to steer them to the wedding to rescue Lena. Ria distracts the guests as soon as a dance even if Clara and Alba, disguised as waiters, sneak subsequent to the armed protect at Lena's door. They chloroform Lena and conceal her inside a tea trolley, but Raheela captures Ria, and reveals she and Salim scheme to impregnate Lena considering a clone of Raheela.

Forced to reward Lena, the contacts are locked in the bridal suite as the wedding begins, but Kovacs comes to their rescue and subdues the guard. Taking his gun, Ria holds Raheela at gunpoint and exposes her plan, leading Lena to recall being drugged and tested by Salim, who admits that his first wife died carrying his mothers clone. Raheela seizes the gun but is disarmed by Fatima, as Rias family and associates battle off the guests.

Lena subdues Salim even though Ria finally masters a reverse spinning kick to overwhelm Raheela, and the police arrive as the sisters drive off. Reconciling taking into consideration Lena, Ria finally receives an encouraging email from Eunice, and the sisters celebrate together.

Movie`s Details

Title: Polite Society 

Genre: Action, Comedy 

Writer: Nida Manzoor 

Director: Nida Manzoor 

Actors: Priya Kansara, Ritu Arya, Renu Brindle 

Runtime: 1h 44min 

Country: UK 

Language: English, Urdu 

Release Date: 2023-04-28 

Production: Focus Features, Parkville Pictures, Working Title Films 

imdbRating: 6.7 


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