A Guilty Conscience 2023

Comedy, Crime, Mystery | 2023 | | 2h 15min | 2023-01-21

Storyline Movie A Guilty Conscience 2023

A Guilty Conscience 2023
A Guilty Conscience 2023

Storyline / Plot

In 2002, Adrian Lam (Dayo Wong), a former barrister-turned-magistrate who recently demoted by his highly developed due to his attitude to colleagues, has recompense to the auditorium of barrister-in-law after suggested by his friend/senior barrister T. K. Ho (Vincent Kok). Ho referred a dogfight to Lam, which the defendant Jolene Tsang (Louise Wong), a former model-turned-single-mother, has involved child abuse to her daughter, Elsa, who is now in coma.

Lam takes beyond Tsang's stroke as her attorney, in partner considering fellow barrister Evelyn Fong (Renci Yeung) who is suggested by her mentor Ho, and legal admin Prince (Dee Ho Kai-Wah). Through the first events in court, they examined witness Ball Chan, a security guard in Tsang's residential area. However, Fong has found a loophole in Chan's testimony. well along that night, Elsa wakes from the coma, Lam, Fong and Prince arrive to hospital in order to photo album a testimony from Elsa, but she difficult died from a cerebral bleed. Tsang is next charged manslaughter.

Lam found Tsang's lover, Desmond Chung (Adam Pak), and acknowledges Desmond has appeared at Tsang's habitat that night. Lam enlisted Desmond as the key witness in the trial, but Fong worried nearly the situation of Desmond's, who is furthermore the husband of Victoria Chung (Fish Liew), a daughter of powerful tycoon and an foe of Tsang, which will be a threat to the case. At the supreme trial, due to Lam's mistake of not taking a formal testimony record, Desmond quickly misrepresented his testimony, which resulted in Tsang's 17 years of prison sentence. Condemned by Fong, Lam realized himself has made the biggest error ever and ended in the works in despairing himself. After his former classmate and now ICAC co-conspirator governor Luk (Bowie Lam) found and encouraged him, Lam approved to shape his play given to Mong Kok to put up to more people in order to redeem his wrong-doings.

Two years later, Ball Chan, who went awol after the events and returned to Hong Kong due to his terminal illness, has confessed himself to Lam and Prince immediately prior to his death, which he was in imitation of bribed by the Chung's couple to fabricate his testimony in order to frame Tsang up. Lam certain to initiate the reversion of Tsang's conviction, and reconciled like Fong, who initially rejected Lam but complex arranged to forgive him after advanced by Ho.

The high Court qualified the reversion, but at the meantime, the Department of Justice (DoJ) granted to convict Tsang against murder. The DoJ assigned senior prosecutor Kam Yuen-Shan (Tse Kwan-Ho) to feat against Tsang. After the first trial, where Lam has realized a loophole by Kam, fixed to revisit Tsang residence to reconstruct the raid afterward Fong. The two realize Victoria has visit the quarters previously Desmond's arrival, during Tsang's hangover in the sitting room after taking care of Elsa in sleep.

Lam decided to believe a involve to recording crime-committing evidence of Victoria, by sending his man to take on wiretapping to the Chung's residence. Lam later used the recording to ambush the trial, which guide to Kam's objection. Meanwhile, Chungs' real adviser and longtime friend, barrister James Tung (Michael Wong), takes a counteraction to Lam, to make him into police custody against his wiretapping action.

Lam make himself upon era to arrive to court following Prince, who helped in the same way as actions to make the police to forgiveness him. Lam made in the works a plot next Fong in the fixed trial, to create Tung and the Chungs to own up the truth. Lam next recommend a scheme to Kam, after Kam is revealed to know the truth, they finally attain to allied. At the trial, both Lam and Kam made Desmond to disclose that both Desmond and Victoria were the real murderers to Elsa, which Victoria had Elsa crashed to the table corner which resulted into cerebral bleeding, and Desmond subsequently fed her next water to accelerate to her death. Tsang breaks into tears after learning the desperate unmodified from the response of his lover. Tsang is cleared of her murder charges and finally get her release. The Chungs and Tung are then arrested by the ICAC, guide by Luk, and the police for their crimes.

Lam, Fong, Prince and Tsang celebrates of their victory, and Lam arranged to co-conspirator following Fong and Prince to form a additional behave firm, which Lam continues to back more civilians in his commitment of fine deeds.

Movie`s Details

Title: A Guilty Conscience 

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery 

Writer: Jay Cheung, Terry Lam, Wai-Lun Ng 

Director: Wai-Lun Ng 

Actors: Chi-Wah Wong, Louise Wong, Kai-Wa Ho 

Runtime: 2h 15min 

Country: Hong Kong, China 

Language: Mandarin, Cantonese 

Release Date: 2023-01-21 

Production: Edko Films, Film Development Fund of Hong Kong, Irresistible Films 

imdbRating: 7.3 


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