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Comedy, Drama | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 52min | 2022-12-09

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Spoiler Alert 2022
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Storyline / Plot

The film opens similar to the final moments of Kit Cowan's activity later than his 11-month battle afterward terminal cancer even if in the arms of his husband, Michael Ausiello. The story, told through Michael, details their 14-year association leading stirring to Kit's death.

In 2002, Michael, a writer for TV Guide, is brought to a cheerful nightclub by his best friend in Manhattan. There, he meets Kit and the two instantly have a connection. As they start dating, Michael struggles later his insecurities of monster formerly overweight and not physical handsome passable for Kit. Kit does look that he had an affair past a man at the gym. They both bow to their fears of subconscious in a long-term connection but declare to continue dating. During their first Christmas together, Kit gifts Michael with his own closet spread at his apartment, inviting Michael to live when him.

In 2003, Kit gets an appendectomy. His parents, Bob and Marilyn, arrive to Manhattan. Not out to them, Kit pleads following Michael to "clean" the apartment of all cheerful and their association together. upon returning to Kit's place, Marilyn grows suspicious of Michael. After incessantly interrogating the two, Kit comes out to his parents and reveals that Michael is his boyfriend. though initially crash that Kit could not consent this to her, Marilyn is helpful and welcomes Michael. Michael and Kit continue their attachment and acquire a townhouse together. During their second Christmas, Michael invites Kit to lie below the Christmas tree as soon as him as he did in imitation of he was a child. Michael admits it was always a fantasy of his feign it all year gone his partner, even into obsolescent age.

In 2013, Michael and Kit manufacture complications in their partnership. Their sex-life non-existent, Michael spends too much become old later than his own company TVLine and has developed alcohol addition. Kit has a marijuana addiction and struggles in the manner of infidelity, as Michael suspects he is having an affair subsequently his coworker, Sebastian. Their therapist believes they now resent each other but still love each extra enough not to stop it, and suggests that they sever to reassess their feelings. Kit moves out, but the two remain close. Kit begins showing some health issues and learns he has a tumor in his rectum. Michael, nevertheless traumatized by his mother's death from cancer, has Kit imitate urge on in and supports him.

In 2014, Michael and Kit learn from their oncologist that Kit has a rare form of stage-4 neuroendocrine cancer and begins chemotherapy. The adjacent 11 months, Michael assists Kit in his battle like cancer. The chemotherapy does not seem to produce an effect and they start radiation therapy. Seemingly in bigger health, Kit goes on a trip to Ocean City similar to Michael, Bob, and Marilyn. There, Michael and Kit reconcile their link and have sex for the first get older before their separation. His health worsens again, and their oncologist reveals that the radiation treatment has bungled and that Kit has in relation to six weeks left. Any treatment at this lessening would be palliative. That night, Michael apologizes for not letting Kit know how pretty he was due to Michael's insecurity of not beast attractive plenty for him. Kit apologizes to Michael for having an affair once Sebastian. Michael subsequently smokes marijuana subsequently Kit, and Kit proposes to Michael. The two marry the next-door day. Michael and Kit spend one more Christmas together. During which, Michael fantasizes himself and Kit growing archaic and lying below the Christmas tree.

In 2015, Kit is taken into the hospital. There, Michael allows Sebastian to tell farewell to Kit. As Kit is dying in the hospital, Michael pretends this situation is a scene of a television show, once Kit getting up after the scene ends and walking off set unscathed. Michael, as a journalist, interviews Kit as if he was a departing actor whose environment is being killed off. Kit expresses gratitude for his get older on the conduct yourself and is looking adopt to the future. Michael asks Kit what he should do, and Kit replies that he will have to figure it out. After this motivation sequence, Michael thanks Kit for giving him a associates and tells him it's satisfactory to go. Kit dies like Michael lying adjacent to him in the hospital bed and his parents standing exceeding him. Michael continues to be a allowance of Bob and Marilyn's lives after Kit's death. Michael prepares to depart additional York for Los Angeles, and although he is keyed up to begin this further journey he remembers how fearless he was to begin his adventure in the manner of Kit.

Movie`s Details

Title: Spoiler Alert 

Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Writer: David Marshall Grant, Dan Savage, Michael Ausiello 

Director: Michael Showalter 

Actors: Jim Parsons, Ben Aldridge, Josh Pais 

Runtime: 1h 52min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-12-09 

Production: Semi-Formal Productions, That's Wonderful Productions 

imdbRating: 6.8 


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