Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022

Horror | 2022 | Not Rated | 1h 26min | 2022-12-09

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Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022
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Storyline / Plot

The film starts taking into account vignettes that resemble the typical Christmas advertisements, along later than a news flash almost a robotic Santa that's been recalled because of a definite deviation that reverts it from its original programming from the US reason Department.

Record increase owner Tori closes taking place her buildup for Christmas Eve night similar to her employee Robbie. Robbie, who is attracted to Tori, convinces her out of meeting taking into account a date from Tinder and going out drinking in the same way as him. The pair meet once their links Jay and Lahna who pretend at a user-friendly Toy heap that is equipped similar to one of the defective Santa Clauses. The outfit drinks and hangs out since Tori and Robbie depart to go to a bar. The robot Santa malfunctions and becomes a violent killing machine, murdering Jay and Lahna even though they have sex.

Charmed by Robbie, Tori invites him help to her house, unaware they are mammal stalked by the machine Santa. They reach at Tori's house and continue to flirt previously finally having sex. Meanwhile, the machine Santa breaks into Tori's neighbors' house and slaughters the entire family; next Tori witnessing the child's murder. As she panics and warns Robbie, she notices the machine Santa has spotted her. Tori wakes up her sister Liddy and Liddy's husband Mike and attempts to run away the home gone them and Robbie. The machine Santa attacks the group, killing Liddy and Mike even if Tori and Robbie make off into Robbie's car. As they try to steer away, they find themselves blocked by unusual one of Tori's neighbors who is quickly killed by machine Santa. Unable to escape, Robbie is dragged out and killed by the machine Santa.

A responding police manager arrives and manages to gun by the side of the robot Santa for a moment in the past the machine Santa recovers and kills the officer. Tori runs on top of the robot Santa past the officer's car and drives away where she stumbles across more officers and an ambulance responding to the scene. Tori flags them down to encourage and tells them of the officer's death and is arrested by Sheriff Munroe. help at the police station, Tori struggles to convince Munroe roughly the robot Santa. The robot Santa returns, having commandeered the ambulance, and attacks the station, killing Munroe and his partner. Tori retrieves a shotgun and fends off the robot Santa. She drives away in the ambulance, where the robot Santa climbs onboard and Tori crashes. Tori uses the crash to set the robot Santa alight, intensely damaging it.

Retreating to her photo album store, Tori is hunted by the machine Santa who is now approximately abundantly stripped to its robotic endoskeleton. After mammal chased through the store, Tori manages to outwit the robot Santa and destroy it. An exhausted and bloody Tori leaves the heap and collapses onto the street outside as Christmas morning begins and starts to laugh hysterically.

Movie`s Details


Title: Christmas Bloody Christmas 

Genre: Horror 

Writer: Joe Begos 

Director: Joe Begos 

Actors: Riley Dandy, Sam Delich, Jonah Ray 

Runtime: 1h 26min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-12-09 

Production: Channel 83 Films 

imdbRating: 5.2 


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