One Piece Film: Red 2022

Animation, Action, Adventure | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 55min | 2022-11-04

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One Piece Film: Red 2022
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Storyline / Plot

The Straw hat Pirates depart for the island of Elegia to attend a concert by Uta, a world-famous singer. After Uta performs her first song, Luffy goes upon stage to reunite similar to her, revealing that the two of them know each extra because Uta is the daughter of "Red-Haired" Shanks. They met later Shanks has docked at Luffy's hometown 12 years ago, but one day he returned without her, claiming she had left to pursue a career as a singer.

Some pirate crews after that attempt to hold somebody against their will Uta, but she easily subdues them by conjuring whatever she wants through song. Afterward, Uta tells Luffy that he should stop inborn a pirate, as she is going to make this concert last constantly and create a world gone by yourself happiness and peace. considering the Straw Hats resist the idea, Uta attacks and traps all of them except Luffy, who is rescued by Trafalgar put-on and Bartolomeo. Meanwhile, the Five Elders ruling the World government regard as being Uta's skill a great threat to the world, and Marine Fleet Admiral Akainu orders a convoy of battleships led by Admirals Kizaru and Fujitora to go to Elegia and subdue her.

Luffy's bureau is pursued by Uta and the concertgoers, and they meet Gordon, who is Uta's adoptive father and the former king of Elegia. Gordon reveals that he raised Uta to be a great musician and kept her sheltered from the outdoor world, but gone she attained worldwide fame, she began to learn of the hardship inflicted on a good number of her fans by pirates and appropriately established to put an end to the Pirate Era. Uta after that arrives and forces Luffy's intervention to escape, and Gordon pleads subsequent to her to not carry out her plan out of dread for her safety. However, Uta reveals she found an inscription of a song called "Tot Musica" that can unleash a great power, and immobilizes Gordon.

Luffy's intervention comes across Koby, Helmeppo, and Blueno who are functioning undercover for the World Government. Koby reveals that Uta has the talent of the Sing-Sing Fruit, which allows her to send people into a aspiration world known as the Sing-Sing World by singing to them. They and everyone else who watched the concert are trapped in this world, whose truth is certainly controlled by Uta. The Sing-Sing World ceases to exist whenever Uta falls asleep; however, Uta has been consuming a drug called wake-shrooms that keeps her awake at all hours and drastically shortens her lifespan. If Uta were to die, everyone in the Sing-Sing World would be trapped there forever. In the genuine world, the Marine fleet arrives at Elegia to find the concertgoers every sleeping. They block their hearing to nullify Uta's singing, but Uta assumes rule of the concertgoers to extinguish the Marines and separate their hearing blockers. The Five Elders know that Uta has mere hours left to conscious and that if she dies, 70% of the world's population would be trapped in the Sing-Sing World.

Koby's outfit helps the pirates forgive themselves by singing the note they assent to on the staff, and the Straw Hats head towards the castle to find a disorder in Uta's power. In the library, Robin discovers that there is a artifice to make the worlds converge by summoning Tot Musica, a demonic entity whose existence spans both worlds. If Tot Musica is defeated simultaneously in both worlds, those in the Sing-Sing World will compensation to reality. Uta resumes her concert in the Sing-Sing World, but her audience begins to resist the idea of animate in her world forever. Growing more and more unstable, Uta transforms every of them into inanimate objects. Luffy goes to confront Uta, and she reveals that Shanks unaided her upon Elegia after allegedly destroying and plundering it. Uta decides to kill Luffy in the real world but is stopped by Shanks and his crew.

Shanks tries to urge on Uta, but Akainu orders for the Marines to flare upon her without regard for the concertgoers, forcing the Red-Haired Pirates to go on the defensive. scared at the slaughtering of her subjects and slipping into delirium from the wake-shrooms, Uta summons Tot Musica. She subsequently attacks Luffy in the Sing-Sing World, but Gordon takes the blow instead. He reveals that Tot Musica was actually the one that destroyed Elegia 12 years ago after Uta accidentally summoned him, and Shanks left Uta on Elegia like so she could pursue a singing career without visceral a wanted pirate. Despite this revelation, Uta ends happening instinctive consumed by Tot Musica as it moves to consume both versions of Elegia, easily overpowering the pirates and Marines. However, Usopp is accomplished to accomplish a mental link past his father Yasopp via Observation Haki, and this allows the two of them to coordinate simultaneous attacks together with the forces of both worlds. After a long and arduous battle, Luffy and Shanks strike the carrying out blows to obliterate Tot Musica. However, in the past it has already consumed everyone upon Elegia, those in the Sing-Sing World do not return. Uta rejects a medicine from Shanks to cure the effects of the wake shrooms in order to sing a tune that will bring assist everyone. later she does this, the Marine forces pretend to have to hold somebody against their will her, but Shanks repels them behind his Conqueror's Haki. As the Marines retreat, Shanks and Uta reconcile as dad and daughter.

Luffy wakes occurring on the Thousand Sunny after his crew has already departed Elegia. He is skilled to look the Red-Haired Pirates' boat sailing away and looks upon at the crew standing exceeding a coffin, presumably containing Uta's body.

Movie`s Details

Title: One Piece Film: Red 

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure 

Writer: Brooklyn El-Omar, Tsutomu Kuroiwa, Eiichirô Oda 

Director: Gorô Taniguchi 

Actors: Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura 

Runtime: 1h 55min 

Country: Japan 

Language: Japanese 

Release Date: 2022-11-04 

Production: Toei Animation 

imdbRating: 6.9 


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