Enola Holmes 2 2022

Action, Adventure, Crime | 2022 | PG-13 | 2h 9m | 2022-11-04

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Enola Holmes 2 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Enola starts her detective agency but struggles to get clients, unlike her renowned detective brother Sherlock Holmes. A factory girl named Bessie asks Enola to support find her missing sister Sarah Chapman. Bessie takes Enola to the get along with factory, which is experiencing a deadly typhus epidemic and encounters Mae, who worked alongside the sisters.

Enola follows Mae to the Paragon Theatre, where Mae and Sarah acquit yourself as dancers. She finds a letter written to Sarah by a shadowy lover. on her way home, Enola comes across a drunken Sherlock and brings him home to 221B Baker Street. He is struggling to solve his latest achievement involving the blackmail of presidency officials, but he cannot trace the owner of the accounts where the allowance is sent.

Enola deduces that the poem is a code leading to a home in Whitechapel; there, she finds Mae dying of a stab wound. Enola discovers a piece of sheet music in Mae's dress but is interrupted by officer Grail who accuses her of murder.

Enola escapes to Sherlock's flat and deduces that Sarah's lover will be at a ball hosted by the Lyon family. There, she meets Cicely, a kind noblewoman, and Mira Troy, secretary to Treasury Minister Lord Charles McIntyre. Enola meets Tewkesbury, who teaches her how to dance in view of that she can locate an opportunity to acquire closer to William Lyon, the son of the allow factory's owner and Sarah's lover.

Meanwhile, Sherlock pieces together a proclamation in the blackmail plot from its mastermind, Moriarty. Enola is arrested by Grail back she can speak as soon as William, but Sherlock enlists their mother Eudoria and her fellow unbiased suffragette Edith to fracture Enola out of prison.

While visiting Tewkesbury, Enola realizes that Sarah is Cicely and that she, Mae, and William had discovered that white phosphorus, not typhus, was killing the workers and were planning to expose it. Tewkesbury and Enola confess their love for each other and head to the factory, where they meet Sherlock and find William dead once a corner of the sheet music. The three deduct Lord McIntyre had struck a agreement when William's dad to use cheap phosphorus to bump profit.

The outfit heads to the Paragon after realizing the full sheet music was a map of the theatre. There, Sarah confirms Enola's findings and admits she and William needed Tewkesbury's urge on to air McIntyre. Grail and several policemen arrive and a battle ensues, resulting in Grail's death.

Lord McIntyre arrives in the manner of Lestrade. He burns the evidence of the proceedings and attempts to have Sarah arrested, but Sherlock and Enola deduce that Mira Troy is Moriarty and is responsible for the blackmail and murder. Mira is taken into custody.

Sarah, Bessie, and Enola inform the factory's have the same opinion girls of the activities and convince them to strike. McIntyre is arrested subsequent to Tewkesbury's help, while Moriarty escapes police custody. Enola sets in the works a other office at Edith's shop; Tewkesbury has begun courting her in earnest, and he invites Enola to a ball.

Movie's Details

Title: Enola Holmes 2
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Writer: Jack Thorne, Harry Bradbeer, Nancy Springer
Director: Harry Bradbeer
Actors: Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, David Thewlis
Runtime: 2h 9min
Country: UK, USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2022-11-04
Production: Legendary Entertainment, Netflix, PCMA Productions
imdbRating: 6.8


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