Stars at Noon 2022

Drama, Romance, Thriller | 2022 | R | 2h 15min | 2022-10-14

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Stars at Noon 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Trish is a pubertal American journalist high and dry in Nicaragua during the COVID-19 pandemic and amongst a mature of harsh governmental instability. She is a travel writer whose coverage of brutal extrajudicial killings has alienated both her superiors and the ruling party; her passport has been confiscated and she is vibrant in a flophouse paid for by a sympathetic cabinet minister. Trish assumes that she will be executed for her anti-government undertakings when the minister can no longer guard her. She has sex as soon as dealing out officials for allowance and basic necessities (largely unavailable due to the political crisis) while searching desperately for a habit out of the country.

One day, Trish solicits a British man named Daniel for sex in a hotel reserved for rich foreigners. Daniel introduces himself as a petrochemicals consultant, but Trish assumes that he is essentially an intelligence agent. They have passionate, throbbing sex, and Trish follows him the morning after. She observes him meeting next a man she identifies as a Costa Rican police officer. afterward questioned practically the meeting, Daniel is amazed to listen of the man's real identity, eventually realizing his bitter intentions after the commissioner chases the two through a market.

Trish lets Daniel hide out in the flophouse. The Costa Rican executive quickly finds them, but he is unwilling to antagonism Daniel in a building protected by a governmental official. Trish and Daniel fall in love. The climax of their emotional bond occurs in a solitary nightclub, where they dance romantically as he speaks nearly his wife.

Eventually, Trish is informed that the admin can no longer protect her; she runs out of maintenance and Daniel is clip off by his employer. Realizing that they will be killed by the Costa Rican once they depart the hotel, the two steal a car and drive towards a border. Along the way, they meet a man who Trish quickly realizes is a CIA agent. The man offers Trish secure alleyway to the U.S. in squabble for Daniel, but Trish refuses. At the border, the agent offers her the thesame deal, and questions how they will incensed the be next to without Trish's passport. It becomes sure that the agent and the Costa Rican are colluding later than the authoritarian government, even though Daniel is in some pretension bothersome to destabilize it.

Trish and Daniel trade the car to smugglers in row for a boat ride across the border. At the stop of the journey, the smugglers are shot to death by unseen soldiers and Daniel is wounded. They make their habit to an lonely church and fall asleep. past they wake up, the agent and the Costa Rican, along past armed troops, have surrounded them. Daniel convinces Trish to step down from him, and the soldiers consent him away. A Nicaraguan police proprietor and former client of Trish's returns her passport, allowing her to legally soar home. The agent pays her and leaves. Trish sits alone in substitute hotel.

Movie`s Details

Title: Stars at Noon 

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller 

Writer: Claire Denis, Denis Johnson, Andrew Litvack 

Director: Claire Denis 

Actors: Margaret Qualley, Joe Alwyn, Benny Safdie 

Runtime: 2h 15min 

Country: France, Panama, USA 

Language: English, French, Spanish 

Release Date: 2022-10-14 

Production: Ad Vitam Production, Arte France Cinéma, Barnstormer Productions 

imdbRating: 5.5 


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