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Comedy, Mystery | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 38min | 2022-09-16

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See How They Run 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In 1953 London, Agatha Christie's deed The Mousetrap celebrates its 100th performance, and sleazy American director Leo Kpernick has been hired by producer John Woolf to permit him to attend to the film adaptation. After Kpernick's drunken behaviour towards the female guide Sheila Sim leads to a fistfight subsequently her husband and co-star Richard Attenborough, Kpernick is killed backstage by an unseen assailant.

Inspector Stoppard investigates the murder, shadowed by the inexperienced Constable Stalker. Everyone at the theatre is acknowledged a suspect and a potential victim, including the play's producer Petula Spencer and Woolf's wife Edana Romney. Stoppard attempts to near the theatre until the murder is solved, but the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Harold Scott, intervenes, assigning Stalker to help in the investigation.

Stoppard and Stalker search Kpernick's room at the Savoy Hotel, finding his quarters photo album of women's details. The hotel governor recalls Kpernick's violent argument past screenwriter Mervyn Cocker-Norris, who admits to arguing past Kpernick greater than the director's vision for an action-packed ending for The Mousetrap film. Mervyn, who lives afterward his hot-headed "nephew" Gio, remembers a "plain woman" arriving at the hotel similar to Kpernick's son.

Stoppard and Stalker question Woolf, who was blackmailed by Kpernick after he discovered Woolf's affair as soon as his assistant, Ann. Dennis, an usher at the theatre, offers an unhelpful relation of a suspicious figure; Attenborough and Sim are questioned as well. Spencer explains that she optioned The Mousetrap's film rights to Woolf, but he would be contractually unable to build the becoming accustomed until the take action had closed.

At a pub, Stoppard bonds behind Stalker and reveals that his unfaithful wife left him after having a child later than other man. Driving a drunken Stoppard home, Stalker finds news articles and a portray of his ex-wife, fitting Mervyn's tally of a "homely woman bearing in mind glasses". total behind Dennis' description, this leads Stalker to suspect Stoppard may be the killer, and she searches for his ex-wife in Kpernick's domicile book.

Stoppard and Stalker attend a accomplishment of The Mousetrap, during which Mervyn, Woolf, Dennis, Gio and Stoppard leave the auditorium; Stalker soon follows after watching Stoppard approach his gloves. In the foyer, Mervyn is strangled to death by a gloved figure. Stalker bad skin Stoppard kneeling on top of the body and gives chase, knocking him unconscious in the same way as a snow shovel.

Stoppard awakens in a cell, and Stalker and Scott accuse him of carrying out the murders. Stalker has summoned Joyce, the mom of Kpernick's son, but she is not Stoppard's ex-wife, exonerating him. Stalker escorts Joyce and her son home, and Joyce mentions overhearing a man gone a "village idiot" accent. Reading through Mervyn's research on The Mousetrap, Stoppard realises the identity of the killer and races to the suspect's apartment, where Stalker has already burst inside and found the critical evidence: the killer is Dennis.

Attenborough, Sim, Woolf, Ann, Spencer and her elderly mom reach at the home of Agatha Christie in Wallingford, Berkshire, having established invitations to dinner. The butler Fellowes is perplexed by their arrival, but Christie's husband, Max Mallowan, allows them inside. The help are held at gunpoint by Dennis, whom Spencer's mom recognises as Dennis Corrigan, an abused child whose brother's death inspired the scheme of The Mousetrap. Dennis explains that he killed Kpernick and Mervyn in an attempt to end the discharge duty and its adaptation, disgusted by the name-calling of his brother's tragedy for entertainment.

Having forged the invitations to lure everyone together, Dennis has captured Edana, mistaking her for Christie. Christie enters considering tea, including a mixed cup for Dennis which Fellowes by chance drinks instead. An armed Stoppard arrives and a shootout ensues; Sim distracts Dennis considering a molotov cocktail, and Stalker nearly takes a bullet to keep Stoppard, matching Kpernick's relation pitch, in the past Agatha dispatches Dennis taking into account a shovel. It is revealed that the bullet did, in fact, hit Stoppard. Some get older later, Stalker passes her sergeant's exams and a recovering Stoppard receives the King's Police and flame services Medal, and they attend substitute exploit of The Mousetrap together.

Movie`s Details

Title: See How They Run 

Genre: Comedy, Mystery 

Writer: Mark Chappell 

Director: Tom George 

Actors: Kieran Hodgson, Pearl Chanda, Gregory Cox 

Runtime: 1h 38min 

Country: USA, UK 

Language: English, Neapolitan, French 

Release Date: 2022-09-16 

Production: Searchlight Pictures, DJ Films 

imdbRating: 6.5 


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