Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. 2022

Comedy | 2022 | R | 1h 42min | 2022-09-02

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Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs and his wife, First lady Trinitie, ran the Southern Baptist megachurch, saunter to Greater Paths, following a large following, and raked in a substantial amount of money. However, a recent disgrace involving Lee-Curtis seducing vulnerable juvenile men, despite his previous preaching adjoining same-sex relationships, forced the Childs to close their church after argumentative backlash and a accumulation exodus of congregants. One year later, they employ a documentary crew to document their comeback and reopening of their church on Easter Sunday. though Lee-Curtis and Trinitie try to produce a result that they are decent people, the documentary crew captures them indulging in expenses, including their wardrobe full of designer brands and a fountain in the church.

A pastoral couple, Keon and Shakura Sumpter, are planning to entrance their own church, Heavens Home, upon Easter Sunday as well. They cite the Childs as their inspiration but have next gathered many of their former congregants to attend their sermons. The Childs' "devout five" congregants give a positive response Lee-Curtis is not guilty of the allegations and are more than happy to abide by his words, attending their Wednesday sermon despite a disaster during their baptism.

During a shopping spree, Trinitie runs into a former congregant who makes subtly condescending clarification and lets Trinitie know she will be joining Heaven's home upon Easter along in imitation of extra former congregants. Later, the couple is informed by their lawyer that they have to create settlements to the young men, although one of them won't take a settlement. The next-door day, Lee-Curtis attempts to find the money for Basil, the documentary's unquestionable recorder, an opportunity to get audio-visual show for their church, even if afterward making a sexual minister to towards him. However, Basil states that he currently has a boyfriend.

The Childs visit the Sumpters in an attempt to acquire them to concern their initiation date away from Easter. while they attempt to be friendly bearing in mind one another, the Sumpters are adamant just about sticking to that date. Lee-Curtis then plans to reopen Greater Paths within the next few days, two weeks back Easter, in order to emphasis the Sumpters. Lee-Curtis has Trinitie appreciation a sign in the street to advertise their return, telling her to "shake it for the Lord" to get more people in cars to honk and resign yourself to them. even though standing outside, Trinitie is harassed by a woman who criticizes her and her husband for their actions. Meanwhile, Lee-Curtis has a reunion like a young former congregant, revealed by the documentary to have been in a penitentiary.

Lee-Curtis has Trinitie paint her slant subsequently white mime make-up appropriately she can realize "worship miming" to attract more honks on the street. A car stops in the center of the street and causes a traffic jam. The car's passenger is revealed to be Khalil, the victim who won't accept the settlement. He bursts out in laughter and mocks Lee-Curtis for his attempts to overcome the scandal. Trinitie storms assist to the church and confesses her grievances higher than her marriage and how their congregants have all turned on them because of the scandal. The documentary director, Anita Bonet, asks Trinitie why she won't depart Lee-Curtis. Trinitie rejects her ask and dismisses Anita's real seek for the documentary to "understand" her, Lee-Curtis, and the town's church culture.

The church reopens per the revised plan, two weeks before Easter, where Lee-Curtis and Trinitie stand outside waiting for people to doing taking place in imitation of no luck except the "devout five". A Mustang drives in the works to the front deserted to whirl approaching in the lot. It is revealed that the Sumpters had as well as moved up the foundation of their Heaven's house church to two weeks in the past Easter, their point toward to have enough money Easter introduction to the Childs, earning good carrying out and achievement many congregants.

Movie`s Details

Title: Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. 

Genre: Comedy 

Writer: Adamma Ebo 

Director: Adamma Ebo 

Actors: Regina Hall, Sterling K. Brown, Nicole Beharie 

Runtime: 1h 42min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-09-02 

Production: Pinky Promise, 59%, Ejime Productions 

imdbRating: 5.4 



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