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Comedy, Romance | 2022 | R | 1h 55min | 2022-09-30

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Bobby Lieber, host of the podcast and radio con The Eleventh Brick at Stonewall who prides himself upon being single, attends an awards ceremony for the LGBTQ community, where he wins an honor for "Best White Cis cheerful Man". He announces that he has in style a face as a curator for the upcoming new National LGBTQ+ archives Museum in Manhattan.

Bobby joins his pal Henry at a nightclub in the city where a additional cheerful dating app is living thing launched, and bad skin Aaron Shepard, whom Henry describes as hot but "boring". Aaron and Bobby flirt and dispute a kiss, but Aaron doesn't appear excited in Bobby. A few days later, the two begin to spend become old together, but their attachment is not strong. even if on a date at the movies, Aaron runs into a former tall instructor hockey teammate, Josh, and his fiance. Bobby and Aaron aren't distinct what to make of their time together; Bobby feels Aaron acts too straight and Aaron thinks Bobby is too intense and that his clout in the gay community is intimidating. Aaron difficult finds out that Josh called off his inclusion and has arrive out as gay.

After some become old apart, Aaron confides to Bobby that his indigenous determination was to be a chocolatier, but had thought that it was unachievable and never pursued it. Bobby invites Aaron to a vacation to Provincetown, where he solicits an eccentric millionaire for a donation to the struggling museum. The millionaire is unimpressed by Bobby at first, but Aaron helps him to adapt his pitch, and they secure a $5 million donation. Bobby is impressed by Aaron and the two accumulate closer romantically, and Bobby opens occurring roughly having to heavens the length of his flamboyant tricks to create others comfortable.

Bobby and Aaron date for several months and Aaron integrates into Bobby's group of friends. At a Christmas party, Josh arrives and Aaron asks Bobby if they can have a threesome. Bobby agrees, but forward-thinking recants on his wishes after seeing the attachment Aaron and Josh have. behind Aaron's relatives comes to the city for a visit, Bobby's excessive outspoken actions ends taking place causing a rift along with the two men. Aaron hooks stirring in imitation of Josh over and they rupture up. People are threatening to boycott the museum and tug donations exceeding an exhibit Bobby created that suggests that Abraham Lincoln was gay.

After some time, Bobby returns to play and reconciles with his coworkers over his outburst higher than the exhibit. The others all agree to they have their own issues as capably over matters such as their sexual identities, and grant to compromise upon the exhibits that will be presented. Meanwhile, Aaron quits his job and fulfills his goal of making chocolates, telling Bobby that all proceeds will go to the museum.

On the inauguration night of the museum, a large crowd turns out. Bobby misses Aaron, and after talking to his pal Tina, decides to text him. Aaron gets the text and is encouraged by his brother to go after the person he loves, arriving just as Bobby begins his speech. similar to he sees Aaron, he proceeds to sing a tune he wrote about their relationship, inspired by the music of Garth Brooks, Aaron's favorite singer. taking into consideration the song ends, Bobby and Aaron kiss, to sing the praises of from the crowd.

Three months later, Aaron's mommy brings her 2nd-grade class to the museum, and Bobby and Aaron are still dating.

Movie`s Details 


Title: Bros 

Genre: Comedy, Romance 

Writer: Billy Eichner, Nicholas Stoller 

Director: Nicholas Stoller 

Actors: Billy Eichner, Luke Macfarlane, Guy Branum 

Runtime: 1h 55min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-09-30 

Production: Universal Pictures, Apatow Productions, Stoller Global Solutions 

imdbRating: 6.4 


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