The Invitation 2022

Horror, Thriller | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 45min | 2022-08-26

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The Invitation 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In further York City, struggling artist Evelyn "Evie" Jackson makes a thriving freelancing for a catering concern subsequently her best friend Grace. Evie takes a DNA test, discovering she has a absentminded cousin in England named Oliver Alexander. She meets Oliver, who tells her the abhorrence of her great-grandmother, Emmaline, who had a unexceptional child in the same way as a Black footman. He invites her to an upcoming relatives wedding in England. Evie arrives in Whitby at the extra Carfax Abbey, where she meets the lord of the manor, Walter De Ville, and Mrs. Swift, a longtime maid of the estate. She next meets the perch of the Alexander intimates and the maids of honor, friendly Lucy and condescending Viktoria.

Evie gradually begins to publication unsettling occurrences during her stay. She sees an apparition of Emmaline, who was shown in a flashback, hanging herself from the staircase. Maids begin disappearing as they are attacked by a unexceptional figure. Evie finds herself romanced by Walter in the past discovering he had been researching her since her arrival. She confronts him and threatens to leave, but the two reconcile and have sex.

The relatives hosts a rehearsal dinner, where Evie expects to finally meet the bride and groom. Instead, Walter announces that he and Evie are to be wed. The butler, Mr. Field, slits a maid's throat and pours her blood into a bowl. Walter, Lucy, and Viktoria are every revealed to be vampires who next beverage the maid's blood. Evie's ancestors, the Alexanders, are one of the three families who, for centuries, have each offered one of their women to become Walter's wife in exchange for auspices and wealth. Emmaline was originally intended to be Walter's third bride, but she killed herself due to her guilt of killing humans, and due to the loss of her love, Evie's great-grandfather, and infant son. The Alexander relatives had trouble finding a female enthusiast until they found Evie. Viktoria locks a troubled Evie inside a coffin, but she is freed by Mrs. Swift, who is killed by Mr. Field. Evie makes it into town and asks an elderly couple for put up to but is knocked unconscious, as they put-on for Walter.

Evie wakes going on to locate herself in the manner of one of the maids, Diya, and Walter. Walter reveals himself to be Dracula as he mentions he was subsequently known as the "Son of the Dragon". Evie after that watches Walter bite into Diya's leg and falls unconscious. on waking up, Evie is now in a wedding dress, walking beside the aisle to wed Walter. As they finish exchanging vows, she bites Walter's arm, absorbing his blood, and instantly transforms into a vampire. She sets the wedding chapel upon fire, stabs Walter in the heart, and flees afterward Diya. An exasperated Viktoria ambushes Evie, but Lucy intervenes. The two brides battle past Lucy impales both Viktoria and herself onto a spear, turning them both into ashes.

Evie is attacked by Mr. Field, who use foul language her biracial lineage since she kills him. She is next grabbed by an aged Walter. She breaks release by severing his wrist subsequently a pointed wire and kicks him into the flames. As he dies, she loses her powers due to his death, and reverts encourage to human form. Evie escapes as the manor is engulfed in flames.

Two weeks later, Evie and Grace track beside Oliver in London, intending to injury him for selling Evie out for money.

Movie`s Details

Title: The Invitation 

Genre: Horror, Thriller 

Writer: Blair Butler 

Director: Jessica M. Thompson 

Actors: Nathalie Emmanuel, Thomas Doherty, Sean Pertwee 

Runtime: 1h 45min 

Country: USA, Hungary 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-08-26 

Production: Screen Gems, Mid Atlantic Films 

imdbRating: 5.2 


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