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Animation, Fantasy, Music | 2021 | PG-13 | 1h 38min | 2022-08-12

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Inu-oh 2021
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Storyline / Plot

A withered biwa artiste narrates a symbol of how 900 years ago, the Genji clan sought the Imperial Regalia to integrate the emperor's throne. They rout the foe Heike clan at the fight of Dan-no-ura, wherein the child emperor drowns while carrying the Grasscutter Sword. Three hundred years later, agents of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu hire pubescent Tomona and his father to log on a bin from a Heike shipwreck. They locate a sword inside the box. Not realizing that it is the Grasscutter Sword, Tomona's father unsheathes the sword, letting directionless a blade of simulation that cuts him in half and blinds Tomona. Tomona later goes on a years long journey to find answers for what happened, gone the ghost of his daddy accompanying him. He meets a zealot of a total troupe of blind biwa players, and decides to learn the biwa and associate the troupe. Tomona changes his publish to "Tomoichi", but the publicize amend makes it hard for his father's computer graphics to find him.

At the similar time, a Noh dance troupe leader dons a demonic mask. A series of murders of biwa players follow, and subsequently the leader's third son is born as soon as three stubby limbs, a completely extended right arm, skin covered in scales, and a hideously deformed face. The troupe leader has such contempt for his deformed son that he forces him to always wear and treats him like a dog. But one day, the deformed son sees his dad attempt to teach Noh dancing to his other sons. The deformed son practices along when them, and his dance magically restores his legs. The deformed son soon meets Tomoichi. He bonds afterward Tomoichi as he can't look his deformity, and fittingly he reveals to him that he has agreed the pronounce "Inu-Oh" for himself. Tomoichi tells Inu-Oh approximately how he can see his father's spirit, and he after that notices that many spirits of Heike warriors surround Inu-Oh, telling him their stories. This vision inspires the two to form a other performing troupe, considering Tomoichi now renaming himself "Tomoari". Soon after, a long-haired Tomoari debuts the extra clash upon a bridge, interim his tune in a style resembling radical hair metal.Below the bridge, Inu-Oh dances to the music, telling a version of how the Heike soldiers tied their arms to their ships but subsequently loose every the arms gone their ships sank. At the end of the song, both of Inu-Oh's arms fine-tune to normal length. Their lawsuit is an instant hit, and Tomoari and Inu-Oh become huge celebrities. In their next-door performance, approximately the Heike warriors waiting for a "whale that never arrived", the scales upon Inu-Oh's skin disappear. But the extra troupe arouses the attention of Ashikaga, who solitary wants his clan's description of the Heike stories told. He sends agents to Inu-Oh's now envious father, offering fame if he sabotages his son's act.

The troupe's neighboring deed reveals the fixed astern Inu-Oh's origin: his father made a settlement following the demon mask for fame. The demon mask demanded the lives of biwa players, and the innocence of his unborn son. in view of that it was Inu-Oh's daddy who brought the curse that deformed him, and who murdered the players. The murders released the spirits of Heike soldiers that followed the players, but the spirits went to Inu-Oh instead of his father, helping him win fame and undo his curse. His dad demands the mask slay Inu-Oh, even while he gave Inu-Oh to the mask. Outraged, the mask kills Inu-Oh's daddy instead. At the end of the performance, Inu-Oh's perspective is restored. However, Ashikaga cracks down on the troupe, forcing Tomoari to stop playing. Ashikaga himself demands that Inu-Oh behave single-handedly the official bill of Heike history, or else he will behead Tomoari. Inu-Oh concedes. However, Tomoari continues to piece of legislation and speak out neighboring the Ashikaga clan, and consequently the clan's men behead him nonetheless. Inu-Oh goes on to more years of fame as a Noh dancer, but he is forgotten after his death. The narrator turns out to be Tomoari's spirit, who has remained upon Earth occurring to highly developed times, and now uses his original post "Tomona". Inu-Oh's spirit appears, explaining that it took 600 years to locate Tomona past he misused his name. Inu-Oh restores Tomona to his teenager form, and reverts to his deformed version. The two subsequently feint again.

Movie`s Details

Title: Inu-oh 

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Music 

Writer: Hideo Furukawa, Akiko Nogi 

Director: Masaaki Yuasa 

Actors: Avu-chan, Mirai Moriyama, Tasuku Emoto 

Runtime: 1h 38min 

Country: Japan, China 

Language: Japanese 

Release Date: 2022-08-12 

Production: Asmik Ace, Aniplex, Science SARU 

imdbRating: 7.3 


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