Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris 2022

Comedy, Drama | 2022 | PG | 1h 55min | 2022-07-15

Storyline Movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris 2022

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In 1957 London, Mrs. Ada Harris, a widowed cleaning lady, becomes obsessed bearing in mind one client's haute couture Dior dress; it inspires her to buy her own Dior dress. After hastily receiving a war-widow's pension, she travels to Paris to reach so. She stumbles into a showing of Dior's 10th anniversary accretion and is befriended by Andr, the Dior accountant, and Natasha, a Dior model. However, the Dior director, Claudine, resents Ada's intrusion into the exclusive world of haute couture.

Dior has fallen upon difficult financial times, and, because Ada will pay in cash, they reluctantly grant to create her a dress. even if in Paris for fittings, she stays in the manner of Andr and encourages him to song his affection for Natashawho shares his interest in existential philosophy.

When Claudine is forced to bag several Dior workers for financial reasons, Ada organises a strike and forces Claudine and Christian Dior to hear Andr's ideas to modernise and create the event profitable.

Ada returns to London like her dress. She lends it to her client, Pamela, a struggling actress, who wears it to an event. It catches flare and is ruined. Ada's Dior connections open not quite the smash in the newspaper and send her different dress, one she initially coveted more than the purchased one.

Movie`s Details

Title: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris 

Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Writer: Paul Gallico, Carroll Cartwright, Anthony Fabian 

Director: Anthony Fabian 

Actors: Lesley Manville, Isabelle Huppert, Lambert Wilson 

Runtime: 1h 55min 

Country: UK, Canada, France, Hungary, Belgium 

Language: English, French 

Release Date: 2022-07-15 

Production: Moonriver Content, Superbe Films, Hero Squared 

imdbRating: 7.1 



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