Press Play 2022

Music, Romance, Sci-Fi | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 25min | 2022-06-16

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Press Play 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Laura's pal Chloe introduces her to her stepbrother, Harrison, who works at the sticker album accretion loose & Found. They hastily link up and attend a Japanese Breakfast work together. She meets the photo album store's owner, Cooper. At the beach, Harrison gifts Laura a record suitably they can create a mixtape. They celebrate after learning an art-related mentorship has accepted Laura. He mentions his intentions of upsetting to attend medical assistant professor but is interrupted by an earthquake. At her house, she shows him her art. Harrison's parents say Laura that Harrison is going to a medical scholarly on the further side of the country. Harrison privately tells Laura he does not desire to go consequently he can stay following her. She tells him she does not desire to be the defense he gives stirring upon his dreams; he reassures her of his decision to stay. They attend her art exhibition. on his birthday, they finish painting a mural. The neighboring day, Harrison is hit and killed by a car. Laura destroys the mural and leaves at the back her mixtape at aimless & Found.

Four years later, Laura attends Chloe's wedding. Cooper gives Laura her mixtape back. She goes house to listen to it. After pressing play, Laura is transported to her first date in imitation of Harrison at the Japanese Breakfast concert. After a brief moment, she returns to the present. all get older she presses play, the mixtape sends her support in time. She does it again and appears upon their date at the beach. She warns him more or less his forward-looking death and convinces him by predicting the earthquake seconds past it happens. In the present, she learns she is affecting the later after learning Chloe has married a different, obnoxious man then again of her soulmate. She learns Harrison had died the same morning from falling off a cliff.

Her next click sends her to the get older she showed Harrison her art. She warns him to stay away from the cliffs. This time, after returning, she learns Harrison died from electrocution after stepping upon a downed capability line. She presses doing anew and now appears at the party hosted at floating & Found where they talked not quite their future, but her become old is cut short. Her undertakings altered their timeline to where lost & Found burned beside in the manner of Harrison inside and the mixtape is no longer in her possession. She visits a sad Cooper, gets the mixtape from this timeline, and tells Cooper about its powers. Cooper mentions the possibility that she is not supposed to save him but she tries anyway. Harrison nevertheless died, this epoch in a car accident in the manner of his dad. later again, Laura presses play. She appears at her art exhibition. She tells Harrison to fracture happening bearing in mind her and go to medical school. In the present, she tries calling him but the call goes straight to voicemail. She gruffly presses comport yourself over and appears in their last important moment: the hours of daylight they ended the mural. She confronts him for not breaking taking place but Harrison says he would rather risk staying when her than desertion and dying anyway.

In the present, Laura forces herself to accept the fact she cannot be as soon as Harrison. though at Chloe's, she discovers an extra tune on the B-side of the cassette. The tune sends her urge on in time to the moment they were going to meet for the first time. She decides to save his life by not stepping inside purposeless & Found. In the present, a cheerful Chloe invites Laura to Christmas dinner. Chloe is married to her soulmate as the changes to the timeline have been reverted. Harrison arrives and introduces himself to Laura.

Movie`s Details


Title: Press Play 

Genre: Music, Romance, Sci-Fi 

Writer: James Bachelor, Greg Björkman 

Director: Greg Björkman 

Actors: Lewis Pullman, Kekoa Kekumano, Danny Glover 

Runtime: 1h 25min 

Country: South Korea, USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-06-16 

Production: CJ Entertainment 

imdbRating: 5.9 


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