Jug Jugg Jeeyo 2022

Comedy, Drama, Family | 2022 | | 2h 28min | 2022-06-24

Storyline Jug Jugg Jeeyo 2022

Jug Jugg Jeeyo 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Kuldeep "Kukoo" Saini and Nainaa Sharma marry each other, having loved each new ever in the past they had taking into consideration to college together. The couple relocate to Toronto, Canada for Nainaa's job in a corporate company even if Kukoo is employed as a bouncer in a nightclub. Within five years, the couple's marital activity gets strained due to prolonged silences, unfinished conversations and resentful hearts even though Nainaa is offered a new turn as the vice-president of HR at further York City and Kukoo is incensed with his job. on their wedding anniversary, Nainaa and Kukoo own up to each extra virtually their disconcerted marital activity and scheme to divorce each new in the manner of Kukoo's sister Ginny is married. They fly to India for attending Ginny's wedding taking into account Balwinder in their hometown Patiala, Punjab and are standard by Kukoo's glad parents Bheem and Geeta and Ginny. Nainaa and Kukoo act out to be happy, unwilling to concern the air of Ginny's marriage though Ginny has conflicted feelings for her former boyfriend, Gaurav on the other hand of Balwinder.

As Nainaa's boss urges her to rule soon nearly her promotion, she insists Kukoo to atmosphere just about their divorce plan to his parents. Kukoo parties when his father Bheem and tries to tell him very nearly his plans to get on bad terms from Nainaa but rather perceives that Bheem intends to divorce Geeta after Ginny's wedding. Puzzled, Kukoo attempts to buttonhole Bheem and is informed of the latter's extra-marital affair like Kukoo's mathematics hypothetical in 12th grade: Meera. Meanwhile, Nainaa becomes irritated when the women of home arrange for a little prayer for her to bear children and angrily discloses more or less her plans to acquire on bad terms from Kukoo to her mommy and Geeta. next-door morning, a astonished Geeta confronts Kukoo and Nainaa and tries convincing them to sort their problems out. frustrated bearing in mind Bheem tries to get the similar as Geeta, Kukoo reveals virtually Bheem's affair afterward Meera to Geeta and Nainaa shattering the former though Bheem fakes a heart achievement to earn kinship and requests the doctor, their intimates pal to discharge duty along considering his act.

Meanwhile, Geeta plans to join Bheem and Meera after Ginny's wedding and informs them, Nainaa and Kukoo of the same at a temple much to everyone's despair. Due to Geeta's act, Kukoo picks going on an protest bearing in mind her and Nainaa at home, leaves the house and drinks taking into consideration Gurpreet, his best friend, confidant and Nainaa's elder brother. At night, Bheem leaves the home to liven up taking into consideration Meera but the latter doesn't wish to be bearing in mind him as she feels that she could never be past Geeta. bearing in mind Kukoo meets Bheem on the road, the latter fakes an accomplishment telling Kukoo that he left Meera for good and realized that Geeta is his improved half. Convinced of his act, Geeta forgives Bheem even though Ginny, who is unbeknownst of all the drama taking place at her home, arranges for her parents to renew their wedding vows on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. on the hours of daylight of Geeta and Bheem's re-wedding, Kukoo and Gurpreet call Meera to mock her as Bheem "kicked her out" in favour of Geeta but get that it was Meera who rejected Bheem. exasperated by his father, Kukoo discloses it all at the unquestionably similar epoch publicly and shout abuse Bheem, for which Geeta slaps Kukoo but ultimately decides to file for a divorce.

Having learnt of Kukoo and Nainaa's plans of divorce and her parents' conflict, Ginny bursts out more or less her insecurity in getting married to Balwinder as she nevertheless loves someone else even if she was every along ready to marry Balwinder as Geeta had taking into account told her that whatever would be right after marriage whereas it did not proceed out for both the couples: Nainaa-Kukoo and Bheem-Geeta. The divorce fighting begin for both the couples. even if Bheem and Geeta are total six months by the court to reconsider, Kukoo refuses to accept for divorce, apologizes Nainaa for not mammal allowance of her talent every along and bodily jealous of it instead. They reconcile and set to depart for supplementary York City though Bheem plans to reconcile afterward Geeta within these six months, having realized his selfishness and after that thinks of getting Ginny married to Gaurav.

Movie`s Details

Title: Jug Jugg Jeeyo 

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family 

Writer: Sumit Batheja, Rishhabh Sharrma, Anurag Singh 

Director: Raj Mehta 

Actors: Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor, Kiara Advani 

Runtime: 2h 28min 

Country: India 

Language: Hindi 

Release Date: 2022-06-24 

Production: Dharma Productions, Viacom18 Motion Pictures 

imdbRating: 6.2 


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