The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie 2022

Animation, Comedy, Drama | 2022 | | 2h 16min | 2022-05-20

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The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie 2022
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Storyline / Plot

later their summer vacation, Futaro Uesugi and the Nakano quintuplets Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki, now third-year high college students, prepare for the upcoming school festival. on the day of the festival, Futaro invites the quintuplets to a room and confesses his adore to them, but he tells them to wait until the stop of the festival to know whom he has chosen in the course of them. During her acting do its stuff upon the second hours of daylight of the festival, Ichika learns that one of her sisters has collapsed and rushes to a hospital, where she sees Futaro and Nino visiting. Ichika strolls external subsequent to Futaro, during which she kisses him at a park. on the second daylight of the festival, Nino is expecting the quintuplets' father Maruo to visit the moot but is unable to find him in the midst of the crowd. She is approached by Futaro in imitation of a video confirming her father's attendance. Nino and Futaro visit her father in the hospital, where she cooks a pancake for him. After the rich meeting, Nino kisses Futaro and thanks her dad for choosing him as the quintuplets' tutor.

On the first morning of the festival, Miku is accompanied by Futaro in on the boys' takoyaki stand, where she promises that the girls supporting the pancake stand are going to enjoy their food. Later, Miku returns to the stand as soon as the girls but finds the place on fire. upon the third daylight of the festival, Miku invites Futaro to a rooftop, where they find two of their classmates arguing practically the takoyaki stand incident. After reprimanding her classmates, Miku confronts Futaro out of jealousy from his meeting behind an unknown girl yesterday and kisses him. in the past the begin of the festival, Yotsuba is overworking in helping substitute clubs. on the second morning of the festival, she collapses due to exhaustion. even though in a hospital, Yotsuba learns from Futaro that some of the students she has helped back offered their guidance during her absence. on the third daylight of the festival, Yotsuba kisses a resting Futaro. Itsuki is studying upon the first hours of daylight of the festival subsequent to her university Mud reveals his history in the manner of her mother. The once day, she learns that Mud is the quintuplets' biological daddy and gets angry at him for leaving her mommy alone later than she was pregnant. upon the third day of the festival, Futaro visits Itsuki in the home and motivates her to keep on next her desire as a teacher. Later, Maruo, Futaro's daddy Isanari, and Miku dressing as Itsuki meet next Mud. Itsuki next tells Mud that he is not agreeable to be the quintuplets' dad after failing to look through Miku's disguise.

At the stop of the festival, the quintuplets advise Futaro to gate one of them, currently at odds from each additional in a building, as his showing off of confession. Futaro meets with Yotsuba and confesses his love, but she rejects him as she sees herself as unfit for him. As she runs away from him, Yotsuba recalls her first meeting next Futaro and the promise they made to each other. In the end, Futaro catches going on to her and manages to convince her to give access her valid feelings toward him. Yotsuba decides to habitat the feelings of her sisters first past dating Futaro. After reconciling in the manner of her sisters, Yotsuba begins dating Futaro, during which he snappishly proposes to her for marriage at the park like a exchange they visited before. Five years later, Nino and Miku, now owners of a cafe, reunite bearing in mind Ichika, an actress, Itsuki, a teacher, and Yotsuba, who is virtually to acquire married. As a wedding gift, Yotsuba's ears get pierced to wear her mother's earrings. on the daylight of the wedding, the quintuplets conduct yourself their total game to Futaro, in which he needs to guess who is the bride in the middle of them, but he then again identifies them one by one. After the attainment of the wedding, the quintuplets discuss the best country for the newlywed's honeymoon.

Movie`s Details


Title: The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie 

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama 

Writer: Negi Haruba, Keiichirô Ôchi 

Director: Masato Jinbo 

Actors: Felecia Angelle, Bryn Apprill, Tia Lynn Ballard 

Runtime: 2h 16min 

Country: Japan 

Language: Japanese 

Release Date: 2022-05-20 

Production: Bibury Animation Studios 

imdbRating: 7.4 


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