The Bobs Burgers Movie 2022

Animation, Adventure, Comedy | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 42min | 2022-05-27

 The Bobs Burgers Movie 2022

The Bobs Burgers Movie 2022
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Storyline / Plot

As summer approaches, Bob and Linda Belcher are denied an further details on their situation enhance from the bank and solution a week to create the month's payment. Their children are facing their challenges: Tina is nervous approximately asking Jimmy Pesto Jr. to be her summertime boyfriend, Gene hopes to reform his band, and Louise is ridiculed for refusing to work a stunt, scared of her cap falling off, which she believes the source of her bravery.

An underground water main breaks, creating a giant sinkhole in tummy of the restaurant. Calvin Fischoeder, the family's landlord, is uninterested in having the hole repaired but considers helping the Belchers with their financial trouble. Louise stumbles across a skeleton though climbing into the sinkhole to prove her bravery, and the later than morning the police uphold it as the remains of Cotton Candy Dan, a carny at astonishment wharf who disappeared six years earlier. Calvin is arrested after his gun matches the bullet that killed Dan, but Louise is convinced of his innocence and enlists Tina and Gene to back her find the authentic killer, having taken one of Dan's teeth. They find their pal and ex-convict Mickey, unconventional carny, at a want ad town of carnies who think Calvin is guilty.

One carny reluctantly reveals that Dan met in the same way as Calvin and his brother Felix on the night of his disappearance leading the kids to recognize that Felix framed Calvin to get the relations fortune thesame to the last era he tried after learning from Sgt. Bosco that a novelty cufflink was found behind Dan's remains.

They search Felix's treehouse for the additional cufflink and overhear him talking to his girlfriend Fanny roughly fleeing the country, gone him to a nameless clubhouse under the Wharf. Meanwhile, the Belchers friend, Teddy, constructs a grill cart as a result Bob and Linda can sell food on the street until the sinkhole is filled. Hiding from health inspectors Hugo and Ron; Bob, Linda, and Teddy upset the cart to wonder marina but are chased by carnies after accidentally destroying a memorial for Dan.

Calvin arrives at the clubhouse after posting bail, followed by the brothers' cousin and lawyer, Grover, who explains to the children that Calvin and Felix are taking a repurposed submarine ride to Cuba as Calvin is convinced that he will be convicted. After seeing a photo of Grover wearing the novelty cufflinks and matching a bite scar on his arm to Dan's tooth, Louise realizes that Grover is the killer and tries to depart but is caught by him as he holds the ablaze of the action hostage considering a spear gun, including Bob and Linda after they find their pretentiousness in.

Grover admits to killing Dan in a plot to frame Calvin and allow the relations fortune, intending to replace incredulity waterfront in the manner of a mega-park. His plot unsuccessful behind he put Dan's body in a dirt pile that was used to occupy a previous sinkhole uncovered Bob's Burgers, without help to resume after Louise found the skeleton; Grover now plans to burn the port by the side of in a staged accident and slay the entire society under the play in that they died in the fire.

The Belchers break out in a go-kart below the wharf, but Grover gives chase after forcing the Fischoeder brothers into the submarine ride and launching it into the ocean to drown them. The Belchers achieve their restaurant, but broken to the kart prevents their escape, allowing Grover to push it into the sinkhole and bury them alive. He returns to bewilderment Wharf, lighting a merge to burn next to the park since making his pretension incite to a gym to ensure his alibi.

To lift Louise's spirits, Bob and Linda heavens that Linda made Louises hat as a reward for beast courageous on her first daylight of preschool, in praise of Bobs mommy and her favorite pink hat. Bob starts the go-kart engine, causing an exposed wheel rim to punch through the repaired water main causing a high-pressure plane of water to opening the Belchers out to the surface where Teddy is waiting for them. He calls the police as they rush to astonishment dock where Louise removes the fuse and prevents the fire. The police rescue Calvin and Felix from the ocean and arrest Grover.

One week later, Calvin makes the Belchers increase payment in gratitude. Tina admits her feelings to Jimmy Jr., which he reciprocates. Gene's band performs to a little audience. Louise performs the stunt and drops her hat, no longer afraid. The sinkhole is patched up, and Bob's Burgers celebrates its "grand re-re-re-re-opening".

Movie's Details

Title: The Bob's Burgers Movie
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Writer: Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith, Tony Gennaro
Director: Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman
Actors: H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz
Runtime: 1h 42min
Country: USA
Language: English, German
Release Date: 2022-05-27
Production: 20th Century Studios, Fox Animation Studios, Buck & Millie Productions
imdbRating: 7


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