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Action, Crime, Drama | 2022 | R | 2h 16min | 2022-04-08

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Ambulance 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Former Marine and Afghanistan veteran Will Sharp, desperately in need of $231,000 for his wife Amy's experimental cancer surgery, reaches out to Danny, his adoptive brother and a life-long criminal, who talks him into taking part in a $32 million bank heist. even if initially hesitant, Will agrees after Danny reaffirms that he is put-on this for Amy. The plot nearly succeeds until manager Zach Parker, who goes to the bank to question out a bank teller, discovers the event and is held hostage by Danny. A shootout next occurs amid one of the heist members and Zach's co-conspirator overseer Mark. The Special scrutiny Section (SIS) of the LAPD arrives, killing and arresting the summative crew except Will and Danny, who retreat towards the garage. Zach attempts to flee and during a brawl together with him and Danny, he is accidentally shot by Will. rejection Zach to die, the brothers try to exit through the put up to of the building but locate it surrounded by police. They next hijack a Falck ambulance with paramedic Cam Thompson on board, who is treating the disrespected Zach. After a chase that leads them into an alleyway, Cam makes a desperate attempt to leave suddenly using a ember extinguisher, but decides to stay in the manner of Zach starts flatlining.

SIS Captain Monroe arrives upon the scene and deploys helicopters to chase after the ambulance. Cam gets Danny to put up to her use a defibrillator and Will to transfer some of his blood to Zach, much to his confusion and frustration. Danny next calls Papi, one of his adoptive father's criminal friends, for incite losing the police in quarrel for $8 million. subsequent to Cam stops Danny from shooting Mark, who has been chasing them, Danny threatens to toss her off the ambulance. The police are irritated to retreat like it is discovered that Monroe's dog Nitro is inside Mark's police vehicle. FBI Agent Anson Clark, a following friend of Danny's, is put upon the case.

As Zach begins to bleed out, Cam, with Will's assistance, begins to ham it up surgery on Zach, whose spleen ruptures. Despite her inexperience, Cam successfully performs the surgery. Cam tries to persuade Will to stop Danny, to no avail. Monroe, unaware of the surgery's success, moves adopt once the operation and prepares to snipe Will and Danny without negotiating for Cam's life. Clark calls Cam and tells her to get down. Cam, wanting to save Zach's life, alerts Will and Danny roughly the snipers. Danny, having had plenty of Cam, decides to shoot her, but Will intervenes, causing the brothers to battle nearly their predicament. They far ahead partially reconcile and listen to music together to ease the tension.

In the Los Angeles River, helicopters chase the ambulance as Danny shoots at them. Will and Danny after that drive on the opposite passageway of the interstate, creating combination accidents. upon Papi's orders, his son Roberto drives an blank ambulance towards the police after filling it subsequently C-4 explosives and deploys robot guns on separate cars to cause extra damage, which ends in the works wounding Monroe in the crossfire. Mark chases the length of Roberto and accidentally makes him shoot himself after a scuffle, neglect Papi mad and distraught. Will and Danny break out to Papi's hideout, where Papi demands the brothers to leave Zach and Cam past them to agreement with; Will refuses to cooperate and teams happening like Danny to execute Papi and his crew. In the chaos, Cam accidentally shoots Will using Zach's gun, mistaking him for one of the gang members.

Danny takes the ambulance to a hospital, but discovers Zach's gun and becomes enraged following Cam reveals that she was the one who shot Will. Danny vows to slay Cam along later himself upon rouse television, in the past confronting the police. Will, left when no new choice, shoots Danny in the back. Danny apologizes to Will past he dies from his injuries. The police arrest a heavily injured Will and admit him inside for surgery, Cam namelessly gives some of the heist grant to Amy for her surgery, and Zach, in the manner of questioned by the police just about his injuries, tells them that Will saved his life.

Movie`s Details

Title: Ambulance 

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama 

Writer: Chris Fedak, Laurits Munch-Petersen, Lars Andreas Pedersen 

Director: Michael Bay 

Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza González 

Runtime: 2h 16min 

Country: USA, Japan 

Language: English, Spanish 

Release Date: 2022-04-08 

Production: Universal Pictures, Endeavor Content, New Republic Pictures 

imdbRating: 6.1 


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