Twixt 2011

Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | 2011 | R | 1h 28min | 2012-04-11

Twixt 2011

Twixt 2011
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Storyline / Plot

The film follows Hall Baltimore (Val Kilmer), a down-on-his-luck writer who specializes in novels based upon witch hunting.[2] At a wedding album signing, he is approached by Sheriff Bobby LaGrange (Bruce Dern), an eccentric aficionado similar to two requests: that Hall get into his latest doing and that he afterward accompany him to the morgue to view the body of a recent murder victim, as Bobby believes that it would create for a great story. Hall reluctantly agrees, and at the morgue he learns that the person was murdered by a serial killer. Despite offers from Bobby, Hall opts to not see at the victim's face. At the coffee shop he learns about a local hotel that in the manner of sheltered Edgar Allan Poe. This, along next the murders and various supplementary unfamiliar features of the town, prompt Hall to judge to his wife, Denise (Joanne Whalley), that he wants to write a fragment based on the town.

After falling asleep, Hall is shown wandering a dream-like description of the town, where he meets V (Elle Fanning), a juvenile woman by the pronounce of Virginia, who is nicknamed "Vampira" due to her strange teeth and braces. V tells Hall that she's a devotee of his affect but was unable to attend the signing due to the town's clock tower always giving seven rotate conflicting times. Hall attempts to convince V to member him at the hotel for a soda, but she refuses to enter the lodging. Despite this, Hall enters the hotel and discovers that it is control by a unusual and eccentric couple that talks just about hours of daylight saving grow old and the town's archives of murder. V appears in the window, forlorn for the female hotel owner to shoo her away. V bites her, which prompts Hall to govern outside after V and find her threatening a priest by motto that he "knew what [he] did". Hall continues to follow V and runs into Edgar Allan Poe (Ben Chaplin), who guides him back to town.

The next morning Hall wakes and, inspired, decides that he would like to collaborate when Bobby on his proposed story, which would middle just about vampires. Bobby invites Hall to his home, which contains a miniature model of a machine that would drive a stake into a vampire's heart. Hall is informed that Bobby believes that the robot would be good in the story, which he wants to broadcast The Vampire Executions. Despite Bobby's input, Hall finds himself faced subsequently writer's block and accepts several sleeping pills from Bobby in hopes of finding further inspiration from his dreams. Hall succeeds in later again entering the objective bill of the town, where he meets Poe again. A series of visions imply that V was molested by the town's priest, who takes in orphans out of siren of them joining Flamingo (Alden Ehrenreich), leader of the people across the lake, who are believed to be vampires. In the waking world Hall's world begins to unravel as several odd occurrences start to mirror the experiences he had in the motivation world, such as Bobby talking more or less how he believes that youngsters accretion at the town's lake are "evil" and "asking for it". This prompts Hall to see strangely at Bobby, who knocks Hall unconscious.

In the goal world Hall learns that the priest had drugged and murdered all the kids in order to keep them from joining Flamingo at the lake. V managed to briefly survive, but was chased the length of and murdered by the priest. dismayed of his actions, the priest hangs himself. Hall realizes that his writer's block is the outcome of a form of guilt beyond his daughter's death in a boating accident, as he had been too drunk to accompany her that morning. on the go through his emotions, Hall writes a financial credit where V survives the priest's assaults and is rescued by Flamingo. Hall wakes happening in his room to locate that Bobby has left. He goes to the sheriff's office, solitary to locate that the deputy has been murdered and that Bobby has hanged himself, neglect a note that says "Guilty". Upset, Hall goes all along to the morgue to look at the murder victim's face, lonely to discover that it is V's body and that she had been impaled with a stake. Hall removes the stake from her chest, at which reduction V awakens and attacks him behind a extra set of elongated fangs.

The screen next cuts to Hall's publisher, Sam Malkin (David Paymer), tone next to a further manuscript and telling Baltimore that he loves the checking account (implying anything from the first desire sequence stirring to this reduction has been the manuscript itself) and sees a summative extra series ahead for Baltimore that will make him more popular than ever. Post-film text reveals that the series was moderately popular, LaGrange's murder was never solved and that Flamingo was never seen or heard from again.

Movie`s Details


Title: Twixt 

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror 

Writer: Francis Ford Coppola 

Director: Francis Ford Coppola 

Actors: Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Elle Fanning 

Runtime: 1h 28min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2012-04-11 

Production: American Zoetrope 

imdbRating: 4.7 


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