The Fall Guy 2024

 Action, Comedy, Drama | 2024 | PG-13 | 126 Minutes | 3 May 2024

Storyline Movie The Fall Guy 2024

Storyline Movie The Fall Guy 2024
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Storyline / Plot The Fall Guy 2024

Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stunt performer, works as the stunt double for renowned be active star Tom Ryder. However, he breaks his pelvis during a stunt with incorrect and abandons his career and his girlfriend Jody Moreno, a camerawoman.

Eighteen months later, Colt, now a valet for a little Mexican restaurant, is contacted by Gail Meyer, Tom's film producer. She tells him that Jody is directing her first film, a spread opera film titled Metalstorm starring Tom, and wants Colt to link the production in Sydney. After arriving upon set, Colt learns that Jody never asked for him and is still angry very nearly their breakup, in imitation of the film swine a less-than-subtle attempt at ventilation her grievances at Colt.

Gail reveals that Tom has disappeared after getting into worry subsequent to drug dealers, and she wants Colt to find him in the past his malingering causes the already overbudget film's cancelation. Not wanting Jody's directorial debut ruined, Colt starts to track the length of Tom. He first goes to Tom's apartment where he meets Tom's girlfriend and co-star Iggy. She gives him a lead, therefore he visits a nightclub, where he meets drug dealer Doone, who actions Colt into drinking a cocktail laced gone hallucinogenic drugs. After getting into a battle next the drug dealer's goons, he visits Tom's hotel room where he finds a dead body in a bathtub full of ice. past Colt returns with the police, he finds the body has disappeared.

Meanwhile, as the production of Metalstorm continues, Colt and Jody begin to rekindle their connection until Gail abruptly informs him that he must recompense to the united States. Instead, he continues looking for Tom by tracking alongside his personal partner Alma Milan. She hands him Toms phone that Tom and Gail had been searching for, past they are both attacked by Tom's head of security, Dressler, and his team who are looking for the phone. Colt and Alma rout them after an elongated chase through Sydney involving a rubbish truck. He and his long-time pal Dan Tucker, the stunt coordinator upon Metalstorm, unlock the phone at Tom's apartment. They discover a video of an intoxicated Tom killing his most-recent stunt double Henry Herrera (the man in the bathtub) even if sparring at a party. The henchmen attack Colt and Dan, destroying the phone when shotgun pellets.

Dan escapes, but Colt is captured and brought face-to-face taking into account Tom, who has been hiding out upon a yacht upon Gail's instructions. He reveals that Gail is framing Colt for the crime using deepfake technology to replace Tom's point of view next Colt's upon the incriminating video. Tom also reveals that he orchestrated Colt's crash because he felt that Colt was stealing the spotlight from him. Henry's body is discovered and the doctored video is released upon news media, even though Gail tries to persuade Jody that Colt is guilty. Colt escapes and is presumed dead after a boat chase, while he swims to safety.

The adjacent day, Tom arrives at the Metalstorm set later his goons and production continues. Colt in secret returns to the set and convinces Jody of his innocence. Together, they trick Tom into participating in a stunt sequence and confessing even if he is wired later than a lav mike. The perch of the crew, led by Dan, hold off his goons. Gail steals the recording at gunpoint and tries to flee in a helicopter following Tom, but Jody helps Colt leap onto the helicopter in mid-air. He retrieves the recording and falls onto a crash mat prepared by Dan, though the helicopter crashes when Gail and Tom in it. They survive, but are apprehended by undercover bounty hunters disguised as crew members, among them Colt and Jody Banks. In exasperating to escape, Tom accidentally triggers the pyrotechnics and blows himself up.

Metalstorm's flyer premieres at San Diego Comic-Con, behind Jason Momoa brute made the additional lead and Alma the films further producer; the film eventually becomes a box-office hit. Colt gets exonerated, and he and Jody acquire help together.

Movie`s Details The Fall Guy 2024

Title: The Fall Guy
Original Title: The Fall Guy
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Writer: Glen A. Larson, Drew Pearce
Director: David Leitch
Actors: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham
Runtime: 126 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Release Date: 3 May 2024
Production: 87North, Australian Government, Entertainment 360
Tagline: stuntman, based on tv series, pistol, revolver, shotgun
IMDb Rating: 7/10 From 96962 Votes

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