Storyline Full Movie Tarot 2024

 Horror | 2024 | PG-13 | 92 Minutes | 3 May 2024

Storyline Movie Tarot 2024

Storyline Movie Tarot 2024
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Storyline / Plot Tarot 2024

A group of contacts - Haley, Grant, Paxton, Paige, Madeline, Lucas, and Elise - rent a mansion in the Catskills for Elise's birthday. similar to worry in the work with Haley and Grant's recent breakup, they distract by having Haley admission their horoscopes with a bin of uncommon tarot cards discovered in the basement. Elise gets The high Priestess and that she will "climb the ladder of success"; Lucas gets The Hermit; Madeline The Hanged Man; Paige and Paxton The Magician and The Fool respectively. similar to Haley reveals that ascend is destroying their association himself as he usual The Devil, the two argue. Finally, Haley reads her own horoscope and gets the Death card.

The bordering day, the activity returns to campus. Elise is attacked by a horrible report of The tall Priestess, who bludgeons her to death later the ladder leading to the attic. Lucas is attacked by The Hermit in a train station and killed by a speeding train. Each death corresponds to the tarot readings and the organization suspects something is amiss as soon as the deck.

They visits Alma Astron, an skilled upon tarot and the occult that they found online. She identifies the cards as belonging to an astrologer who, in the late 18th century, served a Hungarian tally and would forecast the cutting edge for him. After a reading that his pregnant wife and child would die in childbirth came true, the angst-ridden include ordered his men to kill the Astrologer's daughter. The astrologer, incensed next grief, doomed the add together and his friends to death afterward her cards, next killed herself and cursed her deck to execute anyone who used it. The cards are held responsible for several tarot reading help massacres. Alma urges them to ruin the deck, which is yet at the mansion.

While driving there, their car breaks next to and they are attacked by The Hanged Man, who kills Madeline. Terrified, Paxton leaves the others and returns to campus, but is stalked by The Fool. Haley, Grant, and Paige reward to the mansion, but are unable to burn the cards and request Alma's help. Alma summons the astrologer's spirit, but the astrologer does a reading upon her and she is killed by the Six of Swords.

Paige is sawed in half by The Magician. Haley decides that if she reads the astrologer's horoscope, this might end. As agree is dragged away by The Devil, Haley does a reading upon the astrologer, giving her Death. She sees that all her cards are in reverse and she's in pain. Eventually, she lets go of her mother's grief, who died of illness, and the astrologer's animatronics is burnt next to the deck. Haley and allow reconcile more than their relic and reunite taking into account Paxton, who survived after his roommate opened the elevator contact at the last second, which made The Fool disappear.

Movie`s Details Tarot 2024

Title: Tarot
Original Title: Tarot
Genre: Horror
Writer: Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg, Nicholas Adams
Director: Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg
Actors: Harriet Slater, Adain Bradley, Jacob Batalon, Avantika
Runtime: 92 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Release Date: 3 May 2024
Production: Screen Gems, Alloy Entertainment, Capstone Pictures
Tagline: tarot, teen horror, tarot reading, supernatural horror, jump scare
IMDb Rating: 4.8/10 From 12735 Votes

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