Storyline Movie Spy x Family Code: White 2024

 Animation, Action, Comedy, Thriller | 2024 | PG-13 | 110 Minutes | 19 April 2024

Storyline Movie Spy x Family Code: White 2024

Storyline Movie Spy x Family Code: White 2024
Storyline Movie Spy x Family Code: White 2024 poster

Storyline / Plot Spy x Family Code: White 2024

After successfully completing a mission for WISE, Loid Forger learns from his handler, Sylvia Sherwood, that he will be reassigned and replaced upon "Operation Strix" due to orders from the higher-ups, but he might be able to prevent this if he makes meaningful progress. even though leaving behind the rendezvous point, Loid has an dealings subsequent to his fellow spy Fiona Frost, which is spotted from afar by his "wife" Yor, making her give a positive response he kissed her.

Loid learns from his "daughter" Anya that her class at Eden Academy will be having a cooking competition, and that the winner may receive a Stella star. Knowing that the consider is the principal, and that his favorite dessert is Meremere, specifically a regional checking account found in the northern country of Frigis, he decides to agree to the family there to try the plate and salvage Operation Strix by recreating it. though upon the train ride there, Anya discovers a key, and after reading their pet good Pyrenees Bond's precognitive mind, learns there is a cherish on board. She finds and opens the suitcase, which contains a chocolate that she by chance eats. The owners of the luggage find and attempt to apprehend her, however Yor intervenes knocking them out.

The Forgers reach in Frigis and visit the "Rubbles & Bonds" restaurant where they aspire to have their last Meremere. However, Colonel Snidel, a military sharpness officer, and his soldiers barges his pretentiousness in and takes the Meremere for himself, beating Loid in a competition for his supplementary satisfaction. Due to the restaurant not having sufficient ingredients to make more of the dessert, Yor suggests finding them themselves, which the associates agrees to. During their search, Yor becomes increasingly anxious believing Loid intends to "break-up" in the manner of her, even after he gives her lipstick as a gift, therefore she ends taking place getting drunk and causing a scene. Reading Loid and Yor's troubles in her mind, Anya sets up a event to put them on the ferris wheel alone, where they are adept to accustom the misunderstanding and reaffirm their "feelings" towards each other.

Meanwhile, Snidel regroups at his military base where they are roughly to agree to off in their airship. It is revealed that the chocolate Anya ate contained an microform Snidel planned to use to instigate out of the ordinary prosecution against Westalis, in view of that sends his underlings out to locate her. Loid attempts to locate the last ingredient for the Meremere, cherry liquor, but to no avail; Anya suggests helping, but feels sad in imitation of he turns her down. Using her powers, she figures out where to locate the cherry liquor and sneaks out of their hotel to acquire it. She and sticking together make a purchase of the liquor, but she is captured by the underlings, behind hold left behind.

Loid and Yor frantically search for Anya, Loid finds grip who bit off a military patch from the underlings, deducing they kidnapped her but is undecided why. Fiona immediately arrives and informs Loid not quite WISE's highest priority mission in retrieving the microfilm. Loid overhears through a military transmission that Anya ate the microfilm and after learning she is upon the airship, he subsequently hijacks a Bristol Beaufighter to rescue her; Yor sneakily tags along in the cockpit to help.

Loid makes a wreck landing onto the airship after it fires guided anti-aircraft bullets at him, sneaking through the boat subsequent to his disguise techniques. At the thesame time, Yor goes in guns-blazing and accidentally starts a ember that begins to onslaught throughout. Meanwhile, Anya desperately forces herself to hold in her bowel movement, knowing that Snidel and the underlings plan to reclaim the microfilm through her excrements. She manages to temporarily run away during Yor's commotion, but is recaptured and hidden away in the cockpit by Snidel.

A disguised Loid enters in order to locate Anya, but Snidel snappishly realizes it is him due to his exceptional prudence of smell, causing a shoot-out. Snidel attempts to use experimental gas on Loid, but Anya is skilled to fracture release of her restraints in mature to accidentally read the windows, expelling the gas. Loid, now disguised as Snidel, breaks Snidel's neck and orders all the men to relinquish ship. Meanwhile, Yor faces off against a cyborg soldier known as Type F, in which she wins the fight by quality Type F on fire using the lipstick Loid gave her.

The Forgers reunite and together are competent to drive the airship fittingly it crashes into the river, avoiding the city; Loid then finds the microfilm ashore in Anya's teeth. encourage at home, Loid presents the retrieved microfilm to Sylvia, who is appreciative though moreover informing him Operation Strix will remain below his care. Anya is practically to begin the cooking competition next her class, but due to an crash the contest is delayed. past the deem changes to the vice principal, this prompts Loid to recommend out of the ordinary trip to probe a extra dessert, this become old in a warmer region, which Bond's precognition shows will be a relaxing trip this time.

In a post-credit scene, Franky arrives in Frigis to hand the cherry liquor to Loid, unaware that the Forgers have returned from their trip.

Movie`s Details Spy x Family Code: White 2024

Title: Spy x Family Code: White
Original Title: Gekijôban Spy x Family Code: White
Genre: Animation, Action, Comedy, Thriller
Writer: Ichirô Ôkouchi, Tatsuya Endo
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Takashi Katagiri
Actors: Takuya Eguchi, Atsumi Tanezaki, Saori Hayami, Ken'ichirô Matsuda
Runtime: 110 Minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release Date: 19 April 2024
Production: Wit Studio, CloverWorks, Toho Animation
Tagline: based on tv series, based on anime series, based on manga, spy, espionage
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10 From 2966 Votes

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