Storyline Full Movie Abigail 2024

Horror, Thriller | 2024 | R | 109 Minutes | 19 April 2024

Storyline Movie Abigail 2024

Storyline Movie Abigail 2024
Storyline Movie Abigail 2024

 Storyline / Plot Abigail 2024

In new York City, juvenile ballet dancer Abigail is abducted by six criminals and taken to the secluded Wilhelm Manor. back leaving, their leader Lambert instructs them to guard Abigail for 24 hours, at which point they will receive an equal allowance of a $50 million ransom paid by her father. Using action names to avoid any member from identifying the others, the outfit consists of former Army medic and recovering drug user Joey, former NYPD detective Frank, thrill-seeking hacker Sammy, former Marine sniper Rickles, dimwitted mob enforcer Peter, and sociopathic driver Dean.

Though reluctant to continue later the plan as she was unaware the purpose was a child, Joey is tasked in imitation of managing Abigail. Joey is approving to her, sharing that she has a son and promising to protect Abigail from harm. Abigail admits her daddy does not care about her and will not pay the ransom, past apologizing for what is going to happen to Joey. Perturbed by Abigail's words, Frank belligerently confronts her, learning that her dad is Kristof Lazaar, a powerful, re mythical crime lord.

After unsuccessfully flirting behind Sammy, Dean enters the basement where he is attacked by an unseen assailant. Investigating his screams, Sammy finds Dean's decapitated corpse. The outfit complete that Lazaar's legendarily violent enforcer Valdez must be inside the house and attempt to leave but the home's security system seals the property, preventing escape. even if looking for a pretentiousness out, Rickles is mutilated and killed. The organization confronts Abigail for recommendation but she transforms into a vampire, revealing she is Valdez. Frank shoots Abigail but her injuries instantly heal and the society flees.

Frank, Sammy, and Peter reward and ineffectively violence Abigail once tropes of vampiric lore such as garlic and crucifixes, and her strength and eagerness allow her to easily defeat and prevent them from stabbing her through the heart bearing in mind wooden stakes. Joey successfully incapacitates Abigail like a tranquilizer and the team imprison her, while not past she bites Sammy. on awakening, the centuries-old Abigail reveals that she knows the group's true identities and approved for them to abduct her, through Lambert, consequently she can execute them for wronging her father. Joey deduces that Abigail has killed dozens of her father's enemies in a fruitless effort to earn her father's love.

Abigail effortlessly escapes her confines and attacks Frank, but Joey rips wooden planks off a window to expose Abigail to sunlight, which extremely wounds her. as soon as unaided hours back sunset, the society splits occurring to find an leave suddenly route, but Sammy is transformed into a vampire thrall and kills Peter. Abigail has Sammy injury Frank and Joey, forcing Joey to ruin Sammy similar to reflected sunlight.

Lambert lures Frank and Joey to the hidden security room, where he reveals Abigail turned him into a vampire years earlier for helping Frank avoid Lazaar's wrath. Frank allows Lambert to direction him into a vampire therefore they can behave together to execute Abigail and Lazaar, but later than his transformation, Frank kills Lambert for leading him into Abigail's trap. Abigail attacks Frank, but he overpowers her and drains her blood, rejection her weakened. Cornered, Joey leaves a phone pronouncement for her son, apologizing for having been absent from his energy for many years. Reveling in his power, Frank bites Joey, intending to point of view her into his thrall and force her to execute Abigail and eventually her own son. However, Joey's enthrallment fails due to Frank's inexperience past his further abilities, and she and Abigail team stirring to execute him.

With Joey's infection broken, Abigail encourages her to leave and be present in her son's life, but Lazaar arrives and threatens Joey.[a] Abigail defends Joey for living thing gift with she needed her even if Lazaar was not. Although Lazaar angrily rebukes her, he relents for Abigail's sake and allows the bloodied and battered Joey to leave.

Movie`s Details Abigail 2024

Title: Abigail
Original Title: Abigail
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Writer: Stephen Shields, Guy Busick
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
Actors: Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Alisha Weir, William Catlett
Runtime: 109 Minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Release Date: 19 April 2024
Production: Project X Entertainment, Québec Production Services Tax Credit, Radio Silence Productions
Tagline: kidnapping, blood, child protagonist, monster horror, violence
IMDb Rating: 6.6/10 From 45908 Votes

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