Arthur the King 2024

Adventure, Drama | 2024 | PG-13 | 107 Minutes | 15 March 2024

Storyline Movie Arthur the King 2024

Storyline Movie Arthur the King 2024
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Storyline / Plot Arthur the King 2024

In 2015, in Costa Rica, Michael Light, an American runner, and his adventure racing team gets beached on the first daylight after their leader takes the needy decision to kayak adjoining the tide. Leo, one of the members of the team, is livid that Michael has not paid attention to their opinions.

After a 3 year lapse in his career, in 2018, Michael is not satisfied subsequent to himself and decides to race one more mature next the hope of winning a race at last. He chooses two of his teammates: Olivia, a climber, whose father made a career in the same discipline; and Chik, an older racer, whose recovery from a knee disrespect is uncertain. However his sponsor imposes the 4th team member, Leo, Michael's indigenous team member, and now a social media celebrity; and, much adjacent to his own will, blithe accepts. They fly from the USA to the Dominican Republic for a 5-day race mostly through mountainous jungle terrain. on the second day of the race Michael gives meatballs to a stray dog at the transition camp. Much supplementary ahead in the race, in the middle of the jungle, the dog finds them and does not stop taking into consideration them. During their saunter at night the dog saves Leo and the Team from falling off a cliff and they every concentrate on him as one of them and call him Arthur, the King. For the last ration of the competition, and even if they are leading the race, however, they have to depart Arthur on shore to kayak on sea. But as they see the dog is very nearly to drown though like them, they go put up to and save him. The team is hence delayed and loses the race, arriving second. Arthur collapses upon coming on and a veterinary finds he is intensely polluted by parasites, advising to put him to snooze to prevent supplementary suffering, which Michael refuses. He manages to acknowledge him to the USA, where the dog is saved.

Movie`s Details Arthur the King 2024

Title: Arthur the King
Original Title: Arthur the King
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Writer: Michael Brandt, Mikael Lindnord
Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Simu Liu, Juliet Rylance, Nathalie Emmanuel
Runtime: 107 Minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 15 March 2024
Production: Lionsgate Films, eOne Films, Tucker Tooley Entertainment
Tagline: dog, man dog relationship, stray dog, race, racer
IMDb Rating: 7/10 From 9969 Votes

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