Extraction II 2023

Action, Thriller | 2023 | R | 2h 2min | 2023-06-16

Storyline Movie Extraction II 2023

Extraction II 2023
Extraction II 2023

Storyline / Plot

After barely steadfast his previous mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake retires from mercenary act out to a cabin in Austria. There, he is approached by a stranger and asked to rescue Ketevan, the sister of his ex-wife Mia, and her two kids Sandro and Nina. Ketevan married Davit Radiani, one of the co-founders of the largest crime syndicate in Georgia. After Davit threw a DEA agent off a bridge, he is imprisoned and unable to bribe his habit out due to the pressure from the Americans. Davit forces Ketevan and her kids to put on into the prison, wishing to be near his family, but the bad vibrant conditions and Davit's abuse cause Ketevan to call Mia for help. Meanwhile, a proprietor upon his payroll informs Davit's brother Zurab that Davit's sentence is elongated to ten years. Zurab asks the official to release his brother, but the manager refuses back he does not want the Americans to go after him. Enraged, Zurab kills the superintendent and his men. Tyler recruits Nik and Yaz to associate him, and they infiltrate the prison. Davit alerts the prisoners, who start a riot. During the extraction, Davit attacks Tyler and Ketevan, resulting in Tyler having to slay him.

Tyler and Ketevan are goaded to battle their exaggeration through the riot, but control to board a train and jet and leave suddenly to Vienna. However, Sandro, who idolizes his father, secretly associates his uncle and reveals their location. Zurab and his men find and offensive Tyler and his team in their tower block in Vienna. Ketevan scolds her son for endangering his own associates and naiveness. In the chaos, Sandro abandons his mommy and joins Zurab. The team flees in one of Zurab's helicopters, but Zurab mortally wounds Yaz. The team retreat to Tyler's cabin, where he and Ketevan are reunited next Mia.

Tyler apologizes to Mia for neglect upon a mission since their son died from cancer. Meanwhile, Avtandil, Zurab's right-hand man and uncle, discourages Zurab from seeking revenge to prevent more losses and to set a greater than before example for his nephew. Refusing, Zurab has Avtandil killed and friends Tyler, telling him to meet at a easy to get to landing field neighboring to a church. Tyler finds Zurab and Sandro in the church below renovation, taking into account Sandro wearing an explosive vest. Zurab forces Sandro to take Tyler's pistol, but Sandro, having realized his error and what kind of people his daddy and uncle essentially are, refuses to shoot Tyler. Tyler fights and kills Zurab, but Nik is left angry as police storm the church.

In the aftermath, Nik and Tyler are imprisoned and Mia informs Tyler that Ketevan and her kids have been moved to protective custody, but their assets have been frozen. Tyler tells her to allow them $1 million cash, which he had hidden below the third floorboard urge on in the fireplace in his cabin. She tells Tyler that their son died when good memories of him, and bids Tyler commencement address for good. Tyler is transported out of prison to meet considering the stranger from the beginning, who came in the same way as unorthodox job. Tyler will not take without Nik, deserted to locate that the stranger has brought Nik, knowing Tyler would not go without her.

Movie`s Details

Title: Extraction II 

Genre: Action, Thriller 

Writer: Joe Russo, Ande Parks, Anthony Russo 

Director: Sam Hargrave 

Actors: Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Adam Bessa 

Runtime: 2h 2min 

Country: USA, Czech Republic, Austria, Australia 

Language: English, Georgian, French, German 

Release Date: 2023-06-16 

Production: AGBO, Filmhaus Films, Netflix 

imdbRating: 7.1 



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