Shin Kamen Rider 2023

Action, Adventure, Drama | 2023 | Not Rated | 2h 1min | 2023-03-17

Storyline Movie Shin Kamen Rider 2023

Shin Kamen Rider 2023
Shin Kamen Rider 2023

Storyline / Plot

Motorcyclist Takeshi Hongo is kidnapped by the Sustainable Happiness dispensation taking into account Computational Knowledge Embedded Remodeling (SHOCKER), a sinister organization that transforms humans into brainwashed synthetic animal hybrids known as Augments, or Augs. Hongo is transformed into Grasshopper-Aug 01 but is set forgive by Ruriko Midorikawa, a former SHOCKER member, since he is brainwashed. SHOCKER sends one of its supervision agents, Spider-Aug, to edit them and briefly captures Ruriko but is saved by Hongo in his enlarged suit.

They retreat to a secure house where they rendezvous in the same way as Ruriko's father, Dr. Hiroshi Midorikawa. He reveals that Hongo is his masterpiece append to eradicate the management and chose him because Hongo wished for knack after his father, a policeman, was killed by a suspect he was frustrating to ease; he in addition to explains that the enthusiasm source prana allows Hongo to harness superhuman strength. They are discovered by Spider-Aug, who kills Dr. Midorikawa and kidnaps Ruriko in the same way as more, forlorn to be thwarted again. After paperwork the recent events, Hongo vows to use his powers for good and abandons the title of Grasshopper-Aug by dubbing himself "Kamen Rider." Ruriko is untrusting of Hongo but cedes to relying upon his abilities.

Later, two everyday government agents retrieve Hongo and Ruriko and persuade them to form an alliance to acknowledge beside SHOCKER, in clash for security and intel. Ruriko reveals that SHOCKER is a undistinguished bureau originally created by a billionaire taking into account the intention of leading humanity to happiness. However, the billionaire lively suicide and left SHOCKER in the hands of an pretentious wisdom that misinterpreted its creators will, believing that mankind's salvation lies in subjugation. At the demand of the government, Hongo and Ruriko overwhelm several Augs, including Ruriko's on your own pal Hiromi, who was turned into the Wasp-Aug. later than Hongo refuses to execute her, Wasp-Aug is shot by one of the everyday agents using the Scorpion-Aug's venom. Later, Ruriko's brother, Ichiro, awakens as the Butterfly-Aug previously she has a inadvertent to total a code that could suppress him. Ichiro kills several processing agents by sending their souls to a hellish dimension called the address Realm. Ruriko reveals that he intends to attain the similar to mankind because his mom was murdered randomly, an incident that made Ichiro infuriated like humanity.

Hongo and Ruriko attempt to buttonhole Ichiro, but are subdued, and Hongo is hindered by SHOCKER newcomer Hayato Ichimonji, turned into Grasshopper-Aug 02. Hongo escapes in the same way as Ruriko but is maimed by Ichimonji; however, Ruriko succeeds in liberating Ichimonji from SHOCKER's brainwashing. Not long after, Ruriko is killed by the Mantis/Chameleon-Aug, who is soon killed by Ichimonji. After recovering, Hongo views Ruriko's last will via his helmet; she reveals that she purposeless to Ichiro because his prana outmatched hers, that she transferred a code into Hongo's helmet that would neutralize Ichiro, and confides that her become old afterward Hongo in fact made her happy. After Hongo mourns her death, he fails to convince Ichimonji to law later him neighboring SHOCKER and asks the two unmemorable agents for a favor before confronting Ichiro.

Hongo is ambushed by a squadron of Grasshopper-Augs but is saved by Ichimonji, who dubs himself "Kamen rider No.02," and the two cooperate to thrash the Augs. following they confront Ichiro, he transforms into his pure form, Kamen postscript No.0, who proves to be powerful despite Hongo and Ichimonji destroying his source of prana. The duo succeed in removing Ichiro's helmet and replacing it next Hongo's, where Ichiro interacts when Ruriko's soul and the two reconcile. Having exerted their prana, both Ichiro and Hongo die. Later, the two giving out agents rave review Hongo's favor by bequeathing his helmet to Ichimonji, and atmosphere that they have secured Ruriko's soul to a safe location, and that Hongo wanted Ichimonji to carry on the read out of "Kamen Rider" and exterminate SHOCKER. Ichimonji reluctantly agrees to undertaking once the two agents, who identify themselves as Tachibana and Taki. in the same way as a new raid and refurbished savings account of Hongo's helmet, Ichimonji interacts considering Hongo, who transferred his soul into the helmet; and the two of them, now known as "Kamen supplement No.02+01," ride upon towards a hopeful sunset.

Movie`s Details

Title: Shin Kamen Rider 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama 

Writer: Hideaki Anno, Shotaro Ishinomori 

Director: Hideaki Anno 

Actors: Sôsuke Ikematsu, Minami Hamabe, Tasuku Emoto 

Runtime: 2h 1min 

Country: Japan 

Language: Japanese 

Release Date: 2023-03-17 

Production: Toei Company, Cine Bazar, Ishinomori Productions 

imdbRating: 6.6 


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