65 2023

Action, Adventure, Drama | 2023 | PG-13 | 1h 33min | 2023-03-10

Storyline Movie 65 2023

65 2023
 65 2023

Storyline / Plot

on the planet Somaris, pilot Mills convinces his wife Alya that he should agree to on a two-year vent expedition to earn the maintenance needed to treat their daughter Nevine's illness. During the journey, his spaceship, the Zoic, is hit by a enlargement of asteroids and crash-lands upon an unsigned planet  revealed to be Earth during the Cretaceous period. once his boat damaged higher than repair, he finds that his passengers have been killed and contemplates suicide until he finds a lone survivor, a pubescent woman named Koa. Mills sends a move beacon for rescue and decides to allow care of Koa. However, they have difficulty communicating due to differing languages and a broken translator.

Mills vanguard discovers a dynamic run off shuttle from the Zoic has landed upon summit of a mountain. To help Koa to follow him, Mills lies more or less her associates innate atop the mountain, similar to in realism they perished in the crash. The pair speedily pull off the planet is house to risky and coarse dinosaurs. As Mills protects Koa, they start to bond.

Koa watches several video messages sent by Nevine. The two are attacked by a large quadrupedal theropod, which they wound past hiding in a cave. After a rockfall separates them, Mills is attacked by an Oviraptor and Koa is attacked by a raptor-like monster which she traps in a fallen tree log; she uses grenades Mills had conclusive her to execute the dinosaur. Mills kills the Oviraptor and escapes the cave, however he falls into quicksand while searching for Koa. Koa rescues him and they continue in the works the mountain. However, Mills discovers that a deafening asteroid, whose debris caused their boat to crash, will strike Earth in less than 12 hours, triggering a catastrophic total destruction event.

The two reach the Zoic, but Koa is angry in imitation of she discovers that Mills lied to her. Mills opens up to Koa practically losing Nevine, who had died of her sickness while he was away, and promises to protect her. upon learning rescue is on the way, the two board the make off shuttle, but the asteroid's debris causes it to fall next to the mountain. Mills and Koa rule to fend off two Tyrannosaurus rex, but the similar quadrupedal theropod that they insulted earlier as well as attacks. They manage to execute it by luring it into a large geyser blast. The pair run away just in mature as the asteroid strikes the Earth.

During the closing credits, the aftermath of the extinction situation shows the Earth's progress higher than millions of years and into the 21st century.

Movie`s Details

Title: 65 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama 

Writer: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods 

Director: Scott Beck, Bryan Woods 

Actors: Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman 

Runtime: 1h 33min 

Country: USA, Canada 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2023-03-10 

Production: Beck Woods, Bron Creative, Columbia Pictures 

imdbRating: 5.4 


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