House Party 2023

Comedy | 2023 | R | 1h 40min | 2023-01-13

Storyline Movie House Party 2023

House Party 2023
House Party 2023

Storyline / Plot

In Los Angeles, Kevin and Damon are two best friends who produce a result as house cleaners and aspiring club promoters; Kevin also aspires to make music and get a steady allowance to sustain himself and his teen daughter Destiny. The two of them are dropped from a publicity gig by Kyle and his gang (Guile and Larry) due to Damon having illicit involvement bearing in mind Guile's cousin. though the two of them are working at a mansion, Kevin is informed by his childhood friend and current manager Venus that he and Damon will be passionate due to cameras catching them goofing off upon the job. Damon finds out that the mansion they are cleaning belongs to LeBron James, who is in India upon a two-week meditation retreat, and proposes that he and Kevin host a party there for LeBron's celebrity contacts. Kevin, now desperate for money due to him knowing hes afire and not starting his other IT job for option 2 months hesitantly joins in upon the plan. Kevin asks Venus to supply him and Damon bearing in mind the keys to the mansion, and she very reluctantly agrees.

Damon and Kevin make known the party as a unsigned thing to avoid alerting the police, and the event starts out as a success. However, Kyle and his gang find out just about it after no one shows going on to their own party, and bow to advantage of a lapse in security to break into LeBron's trophy room and steal his Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 championship ring. Kevin grows put out on top of the damage in the works to the mansion and confronts Damon more than his flippant disregard for whatever in relation to him. Damon is innovative beaten up by Nick and his gang, but later sees his idol Mya. Mya offers for Damon to leave the party gone her, but Damon declines in order to back up Kevin keep the party from falling apart.

Damon and Kevin find out that LeBron's auditorium has been stolen, and attempt desperately to find it. Kid Cudi tells them that the Illuminati possesses a copy of every sports championship ring, and the duo are desperate plenty to agree to happening his offer. Venus volunteers to run the party in their absence, and she and Kevin kiss. Kid Cudi sneaks Damon and Kevin into an Illuminati convention where they successfully steal the ring, but are exposed gone they by mistake invoke God's name. The Illuminati force them into a gladiator fight, but Kid Cudi sacrifices himself to allow them to live, entrusting them like a poem he wrote for LeBron's eyes only.

Damon and Kevin arrive back up at the mansion to return the dome and stop the party, but are interrupted by LeBron who returned from his trip early. LeBron intends to have the duo arrested, but Damon claims Kevin was not dynamic in the party and makes a wager that LeBron will allow him go if he can prominence the NBA superstar in a pickup basketball game. LeBron wins easily, and Damon is hauled off by the police. Kevin is motivated to have enough money LeBron the keep he and Damon made, which the latter gives to charity. However, upon reading Kid Cudi's poem, LeBron has a alter of heart and works to get Damon released in the future from his jail sentence, bearing in mind which he is picked stirring by Mya. Kyle and his gang are arrested after frustrating to sell LeBron's ring, and the party causes Kevin to get confession and make child maintenance from his music. support in the Illuminati mansion, Kid Cudi is brought encourage to life.

Movie`s Details

Title: House Party 

Genre: Comedy 

Writer: Jamal Olori, Stephen Glover 

Director: Calmatic 

Actors: Jacob Latimore, Tosin Cole, Karen Obilom 

Runtime: 1h 40min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2023-01-13 

Production: New Line Cinema, SpringHill Entertainment, Warner Bros. 

imdbRating: 4.4 



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