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Biography, Drama, Family | 2023 | TV-PG | 1h 35min | 2023-01-13

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Dog Gone 2023
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Storyline / Plot

Fielding is a socially awkward instructor kid, who decides to direct a puppy after beast rejected by a girl. He finds a tawny lab puppy at the local pound and adopts him. He names the dog Gonker, and they are inseparable for the flaming of his intellectual career. The dog often runs subsequent to him to class on campus without a leash. later speculative is done, every of Fielding's links have jobs, but Fielding does not know what he wants to attain with his life, which worries his father, John. Fielding moves in past his parents in imitation of Gonker. A few weeks later, Gonker is diagnosed bearing in mind Addison's illness and needs a life-saving shot every month for the burning of his life.

His best pal from researcher visits him a few weeks later, and they are out on a hiking trail taking into consideration Gonker, who runs off chasing a fox. following he doesn't return, they begin looking for him, but cannot find him. Panicked, they rush house and tell Fielding's parents that Gonker might be lost.

There are flashbacks of Fielding's mother Ginny having a dog, Oji, bearing in mind she was a juvenile girl, who was control more than in imitation of she was at school. Her parents are shown to be chilly and unfeeling and encourage her to not create a big settlement roughly it. She buries the cause discomfort and trauma, but it gets triggered by Gonker's loss and bubbles taking place to the surface. She sets taking place a run room in their house, calling local newspapers, animal shelters, hospitals, and starts sending out flyers throughout the state. Local newspapers and next national newspapers choose going on Gonker's bank account and there are now a lot of people looking for Gonker. They have to find him since he needs his bordering shot in three weeks.

During the extensive search, Fielding's health takes a tilt for the worse. He is not eating much, barely sleeping, and getting weaker by the day. They get a call more or less a dog afterward Addison's disease from an animal shelter and rush there only to find that it is not Gonker. They save looking but are not having much luck. Seeing Fielding's deteriorating health, his daddy decides to steer him incite home and call off the search and rescue. Just then, they get a call of unconventional sighting, and this times it is Gonker. They bring him encourage home which gruffly perks Fielding up. But Fielding has to be terse to the hospital where he is diagnosed subsequently ulcerative colitis and has an emergency operation, which is successful. The movie ends on an optimistic note with both Gonker and Fielding sleeping together in his hospital bed and recuperating.

Movie`s Details

Title: Dog Gone 

Genre: Biography, Drama, Family 

Writer: Pauls Toutonghi, Nick Santora 

Director: Stephen Herek 

Actors: Rob Lowe, Johnny Berchtold, Kimberly Williams-Paisley 

Runtime: 1h 35min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2023-01-13 

Production: Blackjack Films Inc., Story Ink 

imdbRating: 6 


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