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Drama | 2022 | R | 1h 59min | 2022-10-07

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Leslie is a troubled and manipulative alcoholic from West Texas who won $190,000 in a local lottery, forlorn to squander the winnings on liquor and drugs. Six years later, Leslie is destitute, active a peripatetic enthusiasm in motels and on the streets. After being kicked out of a residential motel, she reunites in the manner of her divided twenty-year-old son, James, who allows her to stir gone him below the provision that she not drink. Leslie soon steals money from James's roommate, Darren, and James discovers liquor bottles under her bed, leading him to call his grandmother, Leslie's mother, Nancy, for help.

Nancy and her boyfriend Dutch reluctantly allow Leslie to stay gone them, but lock her out in the center of the night with she visits the local bar and is spotted by Pete, one of their friends. Leslie sleeps external next-door to motel, where she is found at coming on by Sweeney, one of the proprietors. He orders her to leave, and she flees, leaving her suitcase behind. She is met external a openness increase that night by an pass acquaintance who buys her food, but Leslie over flees next the man attempts to make sexual advances toward her.

Leslie returns to the motel in search of her suitcase, and the benevolent Sweeney impulsively offers her a job cleaning rooms, in difference of opinion for a small wage and boarding. Royal, who helps rule the motel in the manner of Sweeney, is frosty toward Leslie, whom he has known since childhood. Leslie is frequently unpunctual to her duties, and continues to spend her earnings on alcohol, frequenting local bars. late one night, Leslie drunkenly wanders to the home she raised James in, stunning the relations who now lives there. The homeowners phone Sweeney, who returns Leslie to the roadhouse.

Disappointed by Leslie's lack of commitment, Sweeney intends to blaze her, but he relents with she assures him she intends to correct her ways. once nowhere left to turn, Leslie attempts to focus upon her job and preserve sobriety as she suffers through alcohol withdrawal. Leslie and Sweeney manufacture a friendship, bonding beyond their mutual archives of addiction. Leslie accompanies Sweeney to a local fair, where he meets in imitation of his ex-wife, Bernice, and visits as soon as his daughters. Leslie gets into a tension subsequently her mommy at the fair, who lambasts her in tummy of Sweeney for having unaided James considering he was a child.

Later that day, Leslie quits her job at the motel. She phones James at a laundromat, leaving a statement telling him she loves him, since visiting the bar, where she converses subsequent to a handsome juvenile man. She orders a beer, but decides not to drink it. Meanwhile, Sweeney searches for Leslie, and arrives at the bar, but she has already left. Leslie squats in an unaccompanied ice cream shop across the street from the motel, and watches as Sweeney returns. In the morning, she awakens Sweeney, and tells him she wants to fix in the works the ice cream shop.

Ten months later, Leslie is temperate and behind Sweeney and Royal's help, has renovated the ice cream shop, which she has turned into a diner. upon the initiation day, Leslie receives no customers. Nancy arrives that evening at closing time, and Leslie accuses her of sabotaging the business's launch by telling the locals not to go. on the other hand meeting Leslie similar to rage, Nancy apologizes to Leslie for not visceral emotionally gift throughout Leslie's life. Nancy additional surprises Leslie by revealing she has brought James following her. Royal and Sweeney prepare a meal for them, and the two embrace.

Movie`s Details


Title: To Leslie 

Genre: Drama 

Writer: Ryan Binaco 

Director: Michael Morris 

Actors: Andrea Riseborough, Allison Janney, Owen Teague 

Runtime: 1h 59min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-10-07 

Production: BCDF Pictures, Baral Waley Productions, Shaken Not Stirred 

imdbRating: 7 



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