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Drama | 2022 | R | 1h 57min | 2022-12-21

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Storyline / Plot

Charlie is a morbidly obese, reclusive professor who teaches online theoretical writing courses but keeps his webcam switched off, afraid to con his make public to the students. Charlie is cared for by his nurse and deserted pal Liz who urges him to visit a hospital as he is at rude risk of congestive heart failure. He is with visited by Thomas, a additional activity Church missionary who tries to evangelize him. Charlie frequently orders pizza to which he and his delivery driver Dan follow a normal routine: He leaves the pizza upon the porch, takes the child maintenance from the mailbox, and leaves without ever interacting like Charlie.

Charlie has also been attempting to reconnect in the manner of his divided teenager daughter Ellie whom he has not seen in eight years. Charlie offers her every the maintenance in his bank account to persuade Ellie to spend become old when him without her mother's knowledge. Ellie agrees, but deserted if Charlie helps her rewrite an essay for school. Charlie agrees. In argument for her company, Ellie must write in a notebook he provides.

Liz is disgruntled by Thomas' frequent visits and tells him that Charlie does not need saving. Liz reveals that she is the adopted daughter of extra Life's head pastor and that Alan, Charlie's deceased aficionado whose death from suicide due to religious guilt caused Charlie to uncontrollably binge-eat, was her brother. Charlie never sufficiently recovered from the loss. Despite Liz's objections, Thomas still believes his mission is to incite Charlie.

Charlie's health begins to end after on sharp upon a sandwich, and Liz brings him a wheelchair to make it easier for him to influence approximately his apartment. One day, Ellie secretly slips sleeping pills into complementary sandwich she makes for Charlie. After he falls asleep, Thomas arrives and Ellie begins to question him while smoking marijuana. After initially hesitating, Thomas admits he ran away from his relations and dated mission in Iowa after feeling unfulfilled and stealing every the grant from the teenage years group. Ellie namelessly history his response on her phone.

Liz brings Mary, Charlie's ex-wife and Ellie's mother, to visit him and the unmovable practically Ellie's shadowy meetings past her dad is revealed. A enraged dispute occurs where Charlie reveals he has $120,000 in his bank account. As Charlie had lied to her about not having keep for healthcare, Liz angrily storms out, desertion Mary and Charlie alone to argue just about the assay of their marriage and their failures as parents. As Mary leaves, Charlie tearfully admits he needs to know there is at least one issue he did right in his life.

Thomas visits Charlie one last time, informing him that he is heartwarming put up to house after Ellie sent his nod to his former youth outfit and family. His associates has dismissed the incident and is straightforward him home. Thomas attempts to proselytize Charlie, but is chastised after he blames Alan's death upon his homosexuality. Charlie experiences a brusque binge-eating episode after Dan glimpses him for the first period and sends out a profanity-laden email to his students asking them to write something honest. In his adjacent class, Charlie reveals he's swine replaced as their professor and reads some of their candid responses. To reciprocate their honesty, he switches on his webcam for the first era and ends the class by throwing his laptop next to the fridge.

Feeling guilty for abandoning Charlie, Liz comforts him as Charlie nears death. Ellie storms into the apartment to confront him exceeding his rewritten essay. Charlie reveals that he replaced her rewritten essay once a essential essay of Moby-Dick that she wrote in eighth grade as he considered it the most honest essay he's ever read. Ellie tearfully rebukes Charlie as he attempts to reconcile one unchangeable time. He asks her to edit the essay to him. Ellie reads the essay as Charlie stands taking place and attempts to mosey toward her, something he had tried but bungled to realize during Ellie's first visit. As Ellie completes the reading, they are engulfed by a good white roomy as they remember a visit to the beach as a family.[6]

Movie`s Details

Title: The Whale 

Genre: Drama 

Writer: Samuel D. Hunter 

Director: Darren Aronofsky 

Actors: Brendan Fraser, Sadie Sink, Ty Simpkins 

Runtime: 1h 57min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-12-21 

Production: A24, Protozoa Pictures 

imdbRating: 8.1 


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