God's Crooked Lines 2022

Drama, Mystery, Thriller | 2022 | TV-MA | 2h 34min | 2022-12-09

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God's Crooked Lines 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In 1979,[3] Alice Gould de Almenara enters a psychiatric ward. Left at the gates by a man, she is interrogated by Dr. Ruiprez, who reads a letter by Dr. Donado. Alice insists that she has been "legally abducted" by her husband Heliodoro in view of that he could kidnap her riches. Dr. Castell introduces the power to Alice, who begins to pull off logical fieldwork on the death of Dr. Raimundo Garca del Olmo's son Damin. Alice (or Alicia) gets acquainted as soon as Ignacio Urquieta and the twins (Rmulo and Remo) as with ease as the Gnome, a sexual molester protected by the Elephant Man, who shows bad blood towards Rmulo. Alice attends sessions by Dr. Arellano.

Running along the primary timeline, a subsidiary timeline starts in a rainy night, in which a ember and riot understand area and a corpse is found in one of the cells. In this timeline Urquieta is incriminated by the cops (after which a forensic doctor as well as comes into action) and superior cleared from suspicions.

In the main timeline, Urquieta is interrogated by Alicia whether if he suffers from schizophrenia, the condition Alice believes Damin's killer suffers from. It starts raining and it becomes evident that Urquieta suffers from an irrational siren of water. Urquieta highly developed reveals that Damin was at odds with the Gnome.

Alicia is hit in the tree-plant by the Gnome, waking taking place tied to a bed taking into account Arellano telling her she is the presumed killer of the Gnome although she has make miserable remembering what happened after the hit. Alice personally meets Director Samuel Alvar, claiming that she has already exchanged letters following him on suggestion from Garca del Olmo consequently she could know how to enter the institution. Alvar denies this. Alicia attacks Alvar and tries to escape, only to be sedated.

Alicia tells Castell her suspicions roughly Damin's murder and asks for a meeting of the medical council. Alvar claims that Alice has been interned upon counsel by Donado upon behalf of Heliodoro. She claims that she tricked Ruiprez and feigned a mental illness to enter the facility, telling how she met Garca del Olmo and set out an psychiatry to determine what happened to Damin. How Garca del Olmo gave her instructions that she should put-on a condition of paranoia to be dexterous to enter the faculty and how they managed to get Donado to attest her condition and Heliodoro to sign the right of entry to sustain her. Alvar tells that Alice, hard done by because the man she chose to marry deserted wanted her money, tried to slay him by poisoning; Heliodoro, after recovering from a seizure, found Alice hiding poison; and knowing herself caught, she settled to build a private investigator persona.

After failing to identify a man whom Alvar identifies as Garca del Olmo, Alice is electro-shocked, and taken to the Cage, where she becomes convinced that she has been framed by Heliodoro, who hired someone to impersonate Garca del Olmo. She tells Arellano and Castell that in battle her bank accounts are emptied there can be a plausible savings account for the behaviour of Heliodoro, Donado and Alvar. Castell confirms that Alvar has been overpaid by Heliodoro for Alice's internment. Alicia escapes from her cell and develops a plot to light a ember even if Urquieta frees the burning of patients. Urquieta finds one of the twins dead in a cell, it becoming evident that the deeds of the additional timeline pertain to the aftermath of Alice's plan. Alicia crosses paths subsequent to the forensic doctor, who tells her just about Rmulo's death. Alicia knocks her by the side of and impersonates her. She cracks the identity of the twin's killer (the Elephant Man). Cops insist that Alice's account was emptied.

Castell convenes a meeting of the council to exoneration Alice. Alice meets afterward the lively twin and reveals that the dead one is actually Remo. Alvar renounces his vote, even though the new four doctors clear Alice. Alvar lets Donado into the room. To Alice's dismay, Donado turns out to be the man she identified as Garca del Olmo.

Movie`s Details

Title: God's Crooked Lines 

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller 

Writer: Guillem Clua, Torcuato Luca de Tena, Oriol Paulo 

Director: Oriol Paulo 

Actors: Bárbara Lennie, Eduard Fernández, Loreto Mauleón 

Runtime: 2h 34min 

Country: Spain 

Language: Spanish 

Release Date: 2022-12-09 

Production: Atresmedia Cine, Filmayer, Nostromo Pictures 

imdbRating: 7 


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