Glass Onion 2022

Comedy, Crime, Drama | 2022 | PG-13 | 2h 19min | 2022-12-23

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Glass Onion 2022
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Storyline / Plot

During the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020, Miles Bron, the billionaire co-founder of technology company Alpha, hosts a murder ambiguity game at his Glass Onion mansion on his private island in Greece. He invites five friends: Alpha head scientist Lionel Toussaint, Connecticut official Claire Debella, controversial fashion designer Birdie Jay, men's rights streamer Duke Cody, and ousted Alpha co-founder Cassandra "Andi" Brand. well-known detective Benoit Blanc is afterward invited, joining the group along subsequently Birdie's partner in crime Peg and Duke's girlfriend, Whiskey.

Leonardo da Vinci's in advance 16th century painting, Mona Lisa, which is featured in the film

Miles insists that he didn't invite Blanc but lets him stay, assuming unorthodox guest invited him as a joke. Blanc overhears Peg confront Miles higher than a PR verification he wants Birdie to pardon and sees Duke watch Whiskey in bed taking into consideration Miles. in the past dinner, Miles shows off the Mona Lisa, which he borrowed from the Louvre, and reveals that the Glass Onion is powered by "Klear," a hydrogen-based swing fuel that Alpha will inauguration imminently, despite Lionel's and Claire's safety concerns.

Blanc solves Miles's murder mystery game immediately, after that privately warns a disgruntled Miles that he is giving his guests a real opportunity to actually slay him. Andi storms off after an argument while Miles and Blanc rejoin the guests. afterward Duke is fatally mixed after drinking Miles's glass, the panicking group suspects Andi. After the help discovers Duke's pistol is gone, the power goes out, and everyone splits stirring in chaos. Blanc finds Andi, but an unseen antagonist shoots her. Blanc gathers the stop of the group and announces that he has solved Andi's murder.

An extended flashback shows that Andi died, supposedly by suicide, a week in the past the trip, and her twin sister Helen hired Blanc to probe her death. At Alpha, Andi had halted Klear's proceed for mammal unsafe, hence Miles had her removed as CEO; supported by their associates perjuring themselves in court by testifying that Miles unaided sketched out the scheme for Alpha years ago on a napkin. Andi progressive rediscovered the original napkin, which was written by her, and emailed the group a photo of the evidence. behind the napkin now missing, Helen suspects that someone in the help killed Andi and took the napkin to gain favor subsequently Miles. next Andi's death nevertheless to be publicized, Blanc had Helen pose as Andi at Miles's party, helping him investigate.

Helen helps Blanc discover motives for Miles's links to guard Miles from Andi: Lionel and Claire have staked their reputations on Klear, Miles is financially rescuing Birdie from the fallout of employing sweatshops, and Duke has Whiskey seduce Miles to let Duke member Alpha News. Helen after that discovers that each of Miles's links visited Andi's home the day she died. Helen searches the guests' rooms but does not locate the napkin. taking into account Helen is shot, Andi's journal in her jacket pocket stops the bullet, but Blanc fakes her death by dousing her shirt in the same way as some hot sauce so that she can search Miles's office.

Blanc reveals that Miles working both murders: Miles killed Andi by drugging her and desertion her in her car subsequently the engine management after learning she had the napkin, but Duke proverb Miles's car leaving her house. following news of Andi's death was finally released online during the party, Duke realized that Miles was answerable and attempted to blackmail him to acquire upon Alpha News. This prompts Miles to allow Duke whiskey impure later than pineapple juice, causing him to suffer a fatal allergy anger and snatches his pistol, next which he shot Helen. Helen locates Andi's original napkin in Miles's office and reveals herself to the group. However, Miles burns the napkin, eliminating the evidence neighboring him. Helen begs Miles's friends to testify neighboring him, but they refuse; Blanc tells Helen that he cannot incite without evidence.

In cathartic anger, Helen destroys Miles's glass sculptures, next Miles's contacts joining in. Next, Helen lights a bonfire and throws a shard of Klear into it, igniting the hydrogen gas in the air vents as a byproduct of Klear and creating an explosion that destroys the Glass Onion and the Mona Lisa. Realizing the painting's destruction will ventilate that Klear is dangerous and ruin Miles, the bureau decides to testify adjacent to him for his crimes. At the beach, Helen and Blanc watch the police boats arrive.

Movie`s Details

Title: Glass Onion 

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama 

Writer: Rian Johnson 

Director: Rian Johnson 

Actors: Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson 

Runtime: 2h 19min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-12-23 

Production: Netflix, T-Street 

imdbRating: 7.2 


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