Triangle of Sadness 2022

Comedy, Drama | 2022 | R | 2h 27min | 2022-09-22

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Triangle of Sadness 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Carl, a model, and Yaya, an influencer, are dating. Carl resents Yaya for expecting him to pay for meals though she earns more than him; they argue approximately keep and gender roles. They are invited upon a luxury cruise aboard a superyacht in clash for promoting it upon social media. accompanied by the wealthy guests are the Russian oligarch Dimitry and his wife Vera; the elderly couple Clementine and Winston, who have made their fortune manufacturing weapons; Therese, who is isolated talented of speaking a single sentence in German later than a stroke; and a lonely tech millionaire, Jarmo. The guests relax upon the yacht, oblivious to the crew in action to meet their every need and whim. The head of staff, Paula, demands they obey the guests' absurd requests, including having every crew member swim in the pool. Meanwhile, the yacht's captain, Thomas Smith, spends his mature drunk in his cabin.

Paula gets Thomas to temperate stirring and attend the captain's dinner as a storm hits the yacht. Several guests become ill, vomiting and defecating, and panic breaks out. The drunken Thomas and Dimitry argue not quite socialism and capitalism beyond the intercom, and several guests are injured as the boat struggles in the storm and the gift goes out. later daylight arrives, pirates attack, killing Clementine and Winston past one of their own grenades, and capsizing the yacht.

A small intervention of survivors consisting of Carl, Yaya, Dimitry, Therese, Paula, Jarmo, boat mechanic Nelson, and cleaner Abigail rule to leave suddenly to an island. Abigail establishes herself as the and no-one else one in the same way as leftover skills and quickly takes command, shedding her lowly crewmember status and demanding to be referred to as the captain. As the survivors sticking to and come to terms in the manner of their other situation, Abigail gains more power, getting her own private bed inside the lifeboat. She and Carl start a sexual association in exchange for Carl getting special privileges and food. Yaya grows jealous, and Carl considers rejection her for Abigail.

Yaya decides to hike to the other side of the island, and Abigail volunteers to go in imitation of her despite Carl's concerns. They discover an elevator and do they have been high and dry close a luxury resort. put up to at their camp, Therese encounters a beach vendor but is unable to communicate next him not quite her situation. Yaya celebrates finding the elevator, but Abigail hesitates to enter. taking into account Abigail prepares to violent behavior her past a rock, she hesitates in the manner of the oblivious Yaya offers Abigail undertaking as her assistant. Carl is later seen frantically executive through the jungle.

Movie`s Details

Title: Triangle of Sadness 

Genre: Comedy, Drama 

Writer: Ruben Östlund 

Director: Ruben Östlund 

Actors: Charlbi Dean, Harris Dickinson, Woody Harrelson 

Runtime: 2h 27min 

Country: Sweden, France, UK, Germany, Turkey, Greece, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico 

Language: Akan, English, Swedish, German, French, Greek, Tagalog 

Release Date: 2022-09-22 

Production: Imperative Entertainment, Film i Väst, BBC Films 

imdbRating: 7.6 



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