Confidential Assignment 2: International 2022

Action, Comedy, Thriller | 2022 | | 2h 9min | 2022-09-07

Storyline Movie Confidential Assignment 2: International 2022

Confidential Assignment 2: International 2022
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Storyline / Plot

In additional York City, Jang Myong-jun, who is the leader of a North Korean criminal organization, is roughly to be transferred to Pyongyang behind the FBI officials are attacked by North Korean gangsters and Myong-jun escapes. Myong-jun sneaks into Seoul using a affect passport and next took US$1 billion afterward the back of his assistant Kim Chul-soo, a former agent and scientist. Learning this, the North Korean handing out sends Im Cheol-ryong to Seoul another time to catch him and gate the money.

Cheol-ryeong reunites taking into consideration Kang Jin-tae (who is assigned for the mission following the previous film) and they resume the chemical analysis to trail Myong-jun, but the duo is interrupted by an FBI agent named Jack, who wishes to bring the North Korean criminals put up to to U.S. upon charges of killing FBI officials. They enter upon to fake together, and the operation is expanded to a trilateral collaboration of the Koreans and Americans. At the hotel, Cheol-ryeong confesses that Myong-jun is his senior and a former North Korean agent. Jack moreover says that he established mail from Adolf Bohrmann to catch Myong-jun 2 months ago, and he suspected that Bohrmann's boss Michael Joe, a crime boss, is helping Myong-jun in money laundering, and Joe had betrayed Myong-jun to steal the money.

The bordering morning, the trio announce to track Sergey, the person who provides a play passport and illegal cell phones to Myong-jun, and they follow his girlfriend Natasha, a Russian model. At night, Natasha goes out for shopping, where Jin-tae sneaks into her home to implant a bug, but is attacked by Sergey. However, Jin-tae manages to destroy Sergey and brings him to the interrogation room, where they track the cell phone's location to Joe's club. The trio, along in the manner of Jin-tae's sister-in-law Park Min-young, inflitrate the club. Meanwhile, Myong-jun meets Joe at the penthouse and demands him to hand higher than the money, but Joe refuses, afterward Myong-jun kills Joe and Chul-soo, as the latter is in cahoots subsequent to the FBI. Cheol-ryeong heads to the penthouse where he manages to arrest Myong-jun. progressive at the North Korean delegation's residence, Cheol-ryeong finds that Bohrmann is actually a German scientist, who is responsible for killing Jews in a gas leak accident.

Cheol-ryeong informs this to Jack, who highly developed learns that his boss is as well as in cahoots in the manner of Myong-jun. An assassin tries to kill Jack, but he manages to subdue him and learns that Jin-tae's family are living thing held by Myong-jun and Jin-tae is forced to assume Myong-jun's henchman into the residence to go ahead a virus on the residence's radio tower. Myong-jun frees himself and kills his former progressive Kim Jeong-teak, who is actually Bohrmann, and is revealed to have hired Myeong-jun to steal the money. Jeong-teak is afterward the person blamed for the death of Myong-jun's family. Jack reaches Jin-tae's house and kills the attackers, fittingly saving the family. Cheol-ryeong and Jin-tae reach and the two rule to defuse the bomb and kill Myong-jun.

After this, the keep is delivered to UNICEF and Cheol-ryeong returns to North Korea. He afterward accepts the love proposal by Min-young.

Movie`s Details

Title: Confidential Assignment 2: International 

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller 

Writer: Seong-Soon Im, Seok-hoon Lee, Im Seong-soon 

Director: Seok-hoon Lee 

Actors: Hyun Bin, Im Yoon-ah, Hae-Jin Yoo 

Runtime: 2h 9min 

Country: South Korea 

Language: Korean 

Release Date: 2022-09-07 


imdbRating: 6.6 


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