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Comedy | 2022 | R | 1h 26min | 2022-08-26

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Storyline / Plot

Robert Bleichner, a tall studious student and aspiring cartoonist, meets bearing in mind his art teacher, Mr. Katano, at his educational classroom. After Katano looks exceeding Robert's portfolio, Katano asks Robert to make a nude figure drawing of him. past completing the drawing, Robert's phone alarm goes off and he leaves for work. Outside, Katano attempts to talk with Robert. even though irritating to ensure the relationships did not make him uncomfortable, Katano is rudely struck and killed by a car.

Later, Robert attempts to accrue all of affectionate value from his tardy mentor. After rummaging through Katano's classroom, Robert and his friend, Miles, try to rupture into Katano's apartment. As the police arrive at the scene, Miles escapes while Robert is apprehended. Robert enlists the back up of Cheryl, the public defender for his trial. He is not charged and is allowed to keep Katano's possessions. gruffly after being released, Robert meets like his parents, Lewis and Jennifer, at a diner. He proclaims that he wants to pursue a career in art and will not be expertise the theoretical year, to his parents' disappointment.

Seeking independence, Robert leaves his parents' house and moves to Trenton, further Jersey, where he shares a dingy apartment afterward two older men, Barry and Steven. Robert takes a job working for Cheryl as a notetaker while continuing to do its stuff at a local comic stamp album store.

Robert attends a meeting with Cheryl and her client, Wallace, who is seeking genuine assistance after an attempted onslaught on a pharmacist. though taking notes, Robert learns that Wallace used to take action for Image Comics as an assistant colorist. The adjacent day, Robert attempts several period to border subsequent to Wallace higher than his comic baby book career but is met once Wallace's erratic and volatile behavior. previously driving home, Robert offers Wallace, who unexpectedly accepts, a ride home. During the ride, Wallace coerces Robert to steer to the pharmacy where he was charged subsequent to assault. Wallace instructs Robert to make angry the pharmacist in an try to get him fired, believing it will incite past his case. Robert reluctantly agrees in order to earn Wallace's approval. In an unproductive attempt to pile up incriminating evidence, Robert throws a rubber horse at the pharmacist and flees the scene.

Robert drops off a disgruntled Wallace. Desperate for professional guidance, Robert offers to pay Wallace for a drawing lesson. Wallace agrees taking into consideration Robert suggests they could meet at his parents' home in Princeton, new Jersey. later that night, Robert moves support home after walking in on Barry and Steven masturbating to Katano's adult comics at their apartment.

When Wallace arrives the bordering morning, Lewis and Jennifer are immediately suspicious of Wallace. An increasingly uncomfortable Wallace locks himself in the bathroom and smashes a window in frustration. Robert takes Wallace happening to his room and pays him considering the keep he stole from his mother's purse. Miles arrives unannounced and tries to piece of legislation Wallace his work. During the lesson, Wallace finds Robert's comic parodying him and his misadventures. In a fit of rage, Wallace lambasts the boys and attempts to take Miles' comic from his hands. In the ensuing scuffle, Miles is accidentally stabbed in the head subsequently a pen. Wallace attempts to make off the house by stealing Robert's car, but he crashes it into the garage.

Robert chases Wallace upon foot, then Wallace beats up Robert and tells him to depart him alone. A damage and bruised Robert stumbles to the closed comic record store. He sits at the counter and contemplates what just happened.

Movie`s Details

Title: Funny Pages 

Genre: Comedy 

Writer: Owen Kline 

Director: Owen Kline 

Actors: Daniel Zolghadri, Matthew Maher, Miles Emanuel 

Runtime: 1h 26min 

Country: USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-08-26 

Production: Elara Pictures 

imdbRating: 6.3 


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