Easter Sunday 2022

Comedy | 2022 | PG-13 | 1h 36m | 2022-08-05

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Easter Sunday 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Joe Valencia is a comedian and struggling actor in Los Angeles, known for his beer personal ad catch-phrase, "Let's get This Party Started". He is furthermore a single daddy to his son Junior, though his work schedule often comes first.

Joe's agent Nick obtains a sitcom audition, but following the producer learns he is half-Filipino, the role turns stereotypical. The audition as a consequence causes Joe to miss a assistant professor meeting once Junior and his teachers. To compensate, Joe resolves to undertake Junior taking into account him to his family's Easter Sunday celebration in Daly City for the weekend.

Joe and Junior reach and meet taking into consideration Joe's mom, Susan, and his sister, Regina, his cousin Eugene, his aunt Yvonne, uncles Arthur and Manny, and aunt Theresa (who is feuding taking into consideration Susan). The relatives goes to church, where Joe learns Eugene wasted an investment meant for a taco truck on a "hype truck" selling pointless merchandise.

Joe learns Eugene borrowed from a gangster named Dev in order to pay for the hype truck merchandise. They attempt to acquire child maintenance from a wealthy acquaintance Marvin by pawning off Manny Pacquiao's boxing handbag from his fight subsequent to Oscar De La Hoya, which Eugene stole from Dev. Marvin refuses, knowing Dev's ruthless reputation.

Joe and Eugene go to the mall taking into consideration Junior, who runs into Tala, his crush, at her workplace. They find out Tala's boss is Dev, who a skin condition them and chases them out of the mall. Joe and Eugene go to a rarefied man, "The Jeweler", who can put up to purchase Pacquiaos gloves. The Jeweler ends happening physical Lou Diamond Phillips, who agrees to come up with the money for them the grant they set sights on later.

On Easter Sunday, the relatives is preparing for dinner, but Nick informs Joe that he booked him a flight back to Los Angeles to meet like a producer for the show, and assures the role is guaranteed if Joe plays to stereotype, but Joe refuses. The flight plus happens to be at the similar period as the dinner. Junior invites Tala to the dinner, and everyone teases Junior just about possibly having a girlfriend. Susan and Theresa save bickering, which is revealed to have begun gone Theresa called Susan a bad mommy for supposedly not taking care of Joe. As Joe calms them down, Junior sees Joe's texts from Nick practically the show, prompting Junior to call Joe a hypocrite. He storms out, and Tala runs after him. As the dinner grows more tense, Joe gives a speech very nearly relatives and brings everyone together to sing karaoke, applause everyone up. Susan and Theresa appear to reconcile, just as Dev and his goons arrive.

Susan and Theresa attempt to pay Dev back, but Dev takes Junior as a hostage. Arthur distracts Dev even if Joe puts on the belt and runs outside. He punches Dev, knocking him out, and they wait for the police. Vanessa, Joe's ex and now an officer, shows going on to arrest Dev. taking into consideration the family goes incite inside, Joe finds that his video talk was on and Nick and the producer were watching. past Joe can notify himself, he suffers a anxiety injury and faints.

Joe wakes happening in the hospital behind the perch of the relations at his bedside. The producer tells Joe she wants to make a sitcom centered in relation to Joe and his relatives rather than the one from the audition. Joe agrees, and the relations celebrates. Later, Joe's relations is seen giving pointers to the cast of Joe's new show.

Movie's Details

Title: Easter Sunday
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Kate Angelo, Ken Cheng
Director: Jay Chandrasekhar
Actors: Jo Koy, Lydia Gaston, Brandon Wardell
Runtime: 1h 36min
Country: USA, Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 2022-08-05
Production: Amblin Partners, Dreamworks Pictures, Rideback
imdbRating: 5.3


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