Bullet Train 2022

Action, Comedy, Thriller | 2022 | R | 2h 7min | 2022-08-05

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Bullet Train 2022
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Storyline / Plot

Yuichi Kimura boards a bullet train in Tokyo in search of his son Wataru's attacker. Guided by his handler Maria Beetle, operative "Ladybug" is assigned to entry a briefcase full of cash from the same train, replacing a sick coworker, Carver. Ladybug is reluctant, as his recent string of bad luck during his jobs resulted in accidental deaths. then upon the train are two English assassin brothers codenamed "Lemon" and "Tangerine", who just rescued a man ("The Son") from kidnappers and are taking him and the briefcase to his father, a Russian-born Yakuza boss called "The White Death".

During the trip, The Son dies of poison. Ladybug discreetly steals the briefcase but is attacked by marginal assassin, "The Wolf". After having seen Ladybug at his wedding where the wedding party was poisoned, The Wolf mistakenly believes Ladybug to be their killer. Ladybug confusedly fights The Wolf, who accidentally kills himself. Yuichi finds the person who attacked Wataru, a teenage girl codenamed "The Prince", but she overpowers him. She explains that she pushed Wataru off a roof to lure Yuichi to the bullet train as allowance of a scheme to have him slay the White Death. To ensure his cooperation, she has a henchman holding Wataru hostage in the hospital.

Ladybug recognizes Lemon as the owner of the briefcase and offers to compensation it in disagreement for monster allowed to disembark the train. Lemon suspects that Ladybug killed the Son, leading to a fight. Lemon is knocked unconscious after realising Ladybug is innocent. The Prince and Yuichi find the briefcase, booby-trap it gone explosives, and rig Yuichi's gun to explode if fired. Ladybug encounters Tangerine and kicks him off the bullet train after marginal scuffle, but Tangerine climbs assist aboard. Suspicious, Lemon shoots Yuichi but collapses after drinking from a water bottle Ladybug had previously spiked. The Prince shoots Lemon and conceals him and Yuichi in a bathroom. Ladybug encounters nevertheless substitute assassin, "The Hornet", who contaminated the Son and the Wolf's wedding party next the venom of the boomslang snake. After a struggle, both are exposed to the venom, and Ladybug steals her antivenom to keep himself.

Tangerine runs into the Prince and realizes that she shot Lemon. Ladybug interrupts them, and Tangerine is killed back he can shoot Prince. At the bordering stop, Yuichi's father, "The Elder", boards the bullet train. He recognizes the Prince and informs her that Wataru is safe. After she flees, the Elder tells Ladybug he will remain to waylay the White Death, who killed his wife even if taking exceeding the Yakuza. Finding Yuichi and Lemon still alive, the four doing together to turn the White Death. At Kyoto, Ladybug gives the White Death the briefcase. The Prince, revealed to be the White Death's daughter, fails to goad him into shooting her gone the rigged gun.

The White Death explains that everyone on the bullet train was related to the death of his wife. He hired them hoping they would kill each other, not knowing Carver was replaced. The White Death's henchmen get into the briefcase, which explodes, knocking Ladybug and the White Death incite onto the bullet train. The White Death's surviving henchmen board and battle the assassins, even if the Elder duels the White Death. The bullet train crashes into downtown Kyoto. Emerging from the wreck, impaled next the Elder's katana, the White Death tries to execute Ladybug, but the rigged gun explodes in his face. The Prince threatens Ladybug, Yuichi, and the Elder behind a machine gun but is struck and killed by a passing tangerine truck driven by Lemon. Maria arrives to approach Ladybug, even if Japanese authorities begin to clean in the works the damage caused by the bullet train crash.

Movie`s Details


Title: Bullet Train 

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller 

Writer: Zak Olkewicz, Kôtarô Isaka 

Director: David Leitch 

Actors: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson 

Runtime: 2h 7min 

Country: USA, Japan 

Language: English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian 

Release Date: 2022-08-05 

Production: 87North, CTB Inc., Hill District Media 

imdbRating: 7.3 


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