Moon Man 2022

Comedy, Sci-Fi | 2022 | | 2h 2min | 2022-07-29

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Moon Man 2022
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Dugu Yue, a former flight dynamics engineer, is hired as a child support man for Project associated Nations Moon Shield (UNMS), an operation spearheaded by the Chinese dealing out which is intended to protect the Earth from an incoming asteroid named "". The scheme is to deploy a bureau of other super missiles, called the Cosmic Strike Hammers, to shatter the asteroid and next use the moon to shield Earth from its fragments. Eight years after their launch, the Cosmic Strike Hammers successfully shatter ""; but one of the shells was thrown off course by a solar storm, leaving some of the asteroid fragments heading towards the UNMS moon station. The knack is sharply evacuated, and in the rebellion Yue is accidentally left behind. Arriving too tardy to board the last evacuation rocket, he witnesses one major fraction striking Earth, seemingly wiping out all of humanity.

Considering himself the by yourself human inborn left, Yue spends his times active out his unrequited rout upon Ma Lanxing, his base commander, not suspecting that some UNMS operators, including Lanxing herself, have been watching him through the station's video surveillance feed. A portion of selflessness has survived the mishap in pre-built underground bunkers, but Earth's business is rendered desperate by a global dust cloud blocking off the Sun's radiation. UMNS chairman Sun Guangyang urges to establish a public livestream partner to the station in order to describe Yue as a role model and therefore raise wish in the course of the remaining population. Because the audio connections to the station have been severed, it is decided to be credited with overdubbing and outdoor narration.

Yue discovers that he has company in the form of a short-tempered red kangaroo named "King Kong Roo", left at the rear by the UNMS research division. Thus, the UNMS' first attempts to portray Yue as a survivalist go comically wrong as the two begin stroke on top of the station's food stores. During a brief lull, yue noticed some static sounds which guide him to endure that some people upon Earth are yet alive. He decides to reach some equipment left beyond from an 18th, and no-one else Apollo mission to reach the UNMS ventilate station in the moon's orbit and use an run away capsule to reward to Earth. Yue begins repairing the lunar lander, but to initiate liftoff, he needs the first Strike Hammer prototype, which is stored in option station at Lacus Perseverantiae.

Yue and Kong start a several week journey to gain the prototype upon a solar-powered rover. After vis--vis detonating the nuclear warhead, Yue locks Kong in a remove flyer which got detached, leaving Kong stranded. Yue realized Kong was left behind after several hundred kilometers and taking into account sunset coming close, he chose to go back and save Kong. in imitation of the rover's battery dead, Yue and Kong prepared for their demise before he realised they can make a sled from the rover's hatch to finish the last leg of the journey.

Back at the station Yue discovers the static sounds were caused by Kong's accidental meddling, making him assume that he has apparently been blooming on untrue hopes. Despairing, he abandons his efforts, but Lanxing calls upon humanity's survivors to send him a cumulative fresh signal, hence telling him that he is not alone.

With his confidence renewed, Yue establishes full audio-visual gate in imitation of Earth's UNMS headquarters, who encourage him in coordinating his repair efforts. In a private moment, Yue confesses to Lanxing that she was the sole excuse for him to employ on the UNMS mission, and a extremely touched Lanxing apologizes for desertion him behind. Yue finally completes the liftoff module and reaches the lunar impression station, but just then the UNMS learns that out of the ordinary major fraction of "", designated "+", is upon a catastrophe course considering Earth, threatening to utterly annihilate every activity upon the planet. Overhearing the news, Yue volunteers to guide his lander towards "+" appropriately that the Strike Hammer's warhead can ruin it, but on his pretension there he hits holdover debris from "", which disables the missile's engine. Knowing he is humanity's last hope, he heroically sacrifices himself by personally directing the warhead using his spacesuit's thrusters, destroying "+".

Over ten years later, after the dust nearly the globe has cleared away naturally, human civilization has rebuilt itself and even started advancing higher than its pre-impact levels. Lanxing returns to the moon station, where she imagines physical associated by Yue's vigor to watch the remains of "+" settling in a stable orbit roughly speaking the Earth as a planetary ring.

Movie`s Details


Title: Moon Man 

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi 

Writer: Chiyu Zhang, Chenguang Qian, Si'ao Dai 

Director: Chiyu Zhang 

Actors: Teng Shen, Li Ma, Yuan Chang 

Runtime: 2h 2min 

Country: China 

Language: Mandarin 

Release Date: 2022-07-29 

Production: Alibaba Pictures, Beijing Mahua Funage Company, China Film Group Corporation (CFGC) 

imdbRating: 6.5 


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