Jinxed at First 2022

 Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery | 2022 | TV Series | 1h 10m | June 15, 2022

Jinxed at First 2022

Jinxed at First 2022
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Storyline / Plot

A fishmonger at a established market, Gong Soo Gwang does his best to make an honest living. Unfortunately, he has a reputation for being incredibly unlucky and as a result, people attempt to avoid him at every costs. with no one pleasing to entre him, his issue often suffers. No concern how difficult Soo Gwang tries, he just cant seem to find a way to flee his cursed fate, but his liveliness wasnt always this bleak.

Seven years ago, Soo Gwang had a perfectly normal, glad animatronics but every that misused considering he happened on Lee Seul Bi, a girl who, despite their brief meeting, changed his animatronics forever. previously that day, every become old he dreams of Seul Bi, something awful happens to him. even if Soo Gwang has no idea why this girl has had such a unusual effect upon his fortune, Seul Bi does. Having family a special talent from her mother, both women can see a persons sophisticated through a single touch. Using this present to their advantage, a wealthy intimates has kept Seul Bi and her mom captive for years. taking into account fate allows Seul Bi a scarce opportunity to escape, she takes it and runs straight to Soo Gwang.

Standing face-to-face in the manner of the woman who started his streak of bad luck every those years ago, Soo Gwang isnt clear whether he should put up to Seul Bi or govern from her. in the same way as one desperate for release and the extra desperate to tweak their fate, will Soo Gwang and Seul Bi become each others greatest ally or worst enemy?

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Movie's Details

Drama: Jinxed at First (English title) / Jinx's Lover (literal title)
Revised romanization: Jinxui Yeonin
Hangul: 징크스의 연인
Director: Yun Sang-Ho
Writer: Han Ji-Hye (webcomic), Goo Seul (webcomic), Jang Yoon-Mi
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 16
Release Date: June 15 - August 4, 2022
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:50
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea


Seo Hyun as Lee Seul Bi (Main Role)

Na In Woo as Gong Soo Kwang / Go Myung Sung (Main Role)

Jeon Kwang Ryul as Seon Sam Joong (Main Role)

Yoon Ji Hye as Mi Soo (Main Role)

Ki Do Hoon as Seon Min Joon [Sam Joong's son] (Support Role)

Cha Kwang Soo as Seon Il Joong [Sam Joong's brother] (Support Role)


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