Billy the Kid Season 1 (2022)

Adventure, Drama, Romance | 2022 | TV Series | 49m | 24 Apr 2022 

Billy the Kid Season 1 (2022)

Billy the Kid Season 1 (2022)
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Storyline / Plot

An epic doting adventure based upon the vibrancy of Billy the Kid, from his deflate Irish roots and his upfront days as a cowboy and gunslinger in the American frontier, to his pivotal role in the Lincoln County charge and beyond. 

The spirit of renowned American outlaw Billy the Kid, along with known as William H. Bonney  from his deflate Irish roots, to his into the future days as a cowboy and gunslinger in the American frontier, to his pivotal role in the Lincoln County battle and beyond. He joins Jesse Evans, complementary famous outlaw and leader of the Seven Rivers Gang. following they meet, Jesse has already embraced a life of crime: robbing stores and cattle rustling. Billy is attracted to his wild and reckless quality and becomes Billys doppelganger of sorts  his shadow self, at all times inviting him on top of to the dark side of life.

Episode List

  • The Immigrants
        It's 1871. 12-year-old Billy McCarty and his immigrant Irish associates have to leave other York and travel west to purpose new opportunities. But the journey proves fatal for some.

  • The Rattler
        Kathleen and her sons Billy and Joe travel upon to Santa Fe. animatronics is hard, but she meets and marries a man who might modify whatever for the augmented - single-handedly to find that he makes it a lot worse.
  • Antrim
        Antrim, Kathleen and the two boys relocate to Silver City, maddening to begin a additional life. But all their dreams are shattered - and Billy loses everything.
  • Interlude
        Billy finds open bother subsequently he falls in similar to a feel called Alias. He kills a man in self-defence and ends occurring upon the run, and subsequently in the arms of a juvenile woman who moreover happens to be the girlfriend of Jesse Evans.
  • The Little Bit of Paradise
        Billy, on the distress again, ends in the works in Chihuahua, further Mexico, taking into consideration a additional Mexican pal called Segura; together they enjoy several risky escapades -- but in the end, Billy risks losing his life.
  • Fate
        Billy bumps into Pat Garrett, who is riding in the same way as Jesse and the 7 Rivers Gang. Billy joins them - but show makers are already closing in. They plan to make off to Lincoln County - but not in the past Billy fulfils one last promise.
  • At the House
        Billy joins Jesse, Pat Garrett and substitute outlaw called Frank Baker, as well as the flaming of the 7 Rivers Gang in their other camp just uncovered the town of Lincoln. The gang is now committed for Lincoln's most powerful boss, Major Murphy.
  • The Rampage
        We are on the eve of the Lincoln County War. Jesse and the gang are encouraged by Murphy to ramp happening their attacks upon those famers, mostly Mexican, who have signed happening taking into consideration Tunstall.

Movie's Details

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Writer: Michael Hirst
Director: Otto Bathurst
Actors: Tom Blyth, Eileen O’Higgins, Joey Batey
Runtime: 50 min
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 24 Apr 2022


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