Mad God 2021

Animation, Fantasy, Horror | 2021 | | 1h 23min | 2022-06-16

Mad God 2021

Mad God 2021
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Storyline / Plot

A tall figure shrouded in a jacket and gas mask, endorsed as the assassin, descends into a ruined, hellish world via a diving bell. In his possession, the assassin has a map and a suitcase.

Traveling through the underworld, the assassin encounters many creatures mercilessly preyed on by larger monsters. Eventually, he reaches a city which is home to an army of faceless drones apparently ruled by a monstrosity later dirty teeth and seared flesh who speaks in baby babble. Deep within the city's bowels, the assassin discovers a mountain of suitcases just once his own. The assassin opens his luggage revealing a timed bomb, which he places and prepares to set off. He fails to broadcast a creeping living thing behind him, which later attacks and drags him away as the bomb's ticking hand appears unable to utter its circuit of the clock.

The assassin is shackled to a table and stripped in belly of a growth of spectators. A surgeon appears bearing in mind a nurse, splits edit the assassin's abdomen and begins rummaging through his chest cavity. Jewelry and papers are pulled out and thrown to the floor. Eventually the surgeon finds his goal; a strange, wailing infant creature. The surgeon hands it to the nurse, who carries it away.

The surgeon bores a hole in the assassin's head and hooks his brain to a television set. As the surgeon watches the television, the world above is shown; where the last man gives a map forged by gnarled witches to an assassin and sends him next to in a diving bell. Driving a motorcycle and after that a jeep, the assassin follows the map through a munitions depot, a graveyard and a raid zone in the past descending a spiral roadway.

Back in the underworld, the nurse brings the infant to a ghostly, at a loose end living thing who escorts the child to an alchemists lair. The alchemist grinds the infant into liquid, after that alchemically transforms its remains into gold. This gold is then used to create a extra cosmos which undergoes the same cycle of evolution, civilization and self-destruction as the previous one. In put it on so, the clock in the assassin's bomb appears to somehow restart and firm its circuit.

Movie`s Details

Title: Mad God 

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Horror 

Writer: Phil Tippett 

Director: Phil Tippett 

Actors: Alex Cox, Niketa Roman, Satish Ratakonda 

Runtime: 1h 23min 

Country: USA 

Language: None 

Release Date: 2022-06-16 

Production: Tippett Studio 

imdbRating: 6.8 


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