Dashcam 2021

Horror | 2021 | R | 1h 20min | 2022-06-03

Dashcam 2021

Dashcam 2021
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Storyline / Plot

Annie Hardy is a right-wing internet personality and musician who enliven streams out of her car, making music and using her viewers' clarification as lyrics. tired of COVID-19 restrictions and homelessness in Los Angeles, Annie books a flight to London. There, she pays a visit to her former bandmate Stretch, who now works as a food delivery driver, and his girlfriend Gemma's house. Although Stretch is initially sympathetic to reunite subsequent to Annie, Gemma speedily clashes with her on top of their views on COVID-19 and politics. Annie accompanies Stretch upon his delivery job where she frustrates Stretch and antagonizes restaurant owners bearing in mind her anti-mask views.

Returning home, a irate Gemma attacks Annie. Annie vanguard overhears Gemma forcing Stretch to kick her out. In response, Annie steals Stretch's car and phone back deciding to take a delivery for him, intending to eat it herself. like she arrives at the restaurant, Annie is surprised to locate it single-handedly before she encounters the owner who offers Annie a large sum of money to transport a frail pass girl named Angela to an undisclosed location. Annie reluctantly accepts the offer and begins driving when Angela even if live-streaming whatever to her fans. Angela defecates herself, forcing the pair to stop at a diner. though cleaning Angela, Annie is amazed to discover an Ariana Grande tattoo upon her stomach. A girl soon enters the diner looking for Angela and attacks Annie. Annie fends her off and witnesses Angela exhibiting unfamiliar powers in the past fleeing put up to to the car.

Stretch, having tracked Annie by the side of via the rouse stream, forces his way into the car where they are both unnerved by Angela rudely appearing inside. As they drive away, Stretch and Annie acquire into an objection since pulling over. Angela vanishes and Stretch ventures into the understandable plant to find her. He soon finds her standing atop a tree and falls frustrating to reach her after which Angela floats to the ground. The girl who attacked Annie returns bearing in mind a shotgun and attempts to kill Annie and Stretch. They flee her and recompense to the car gone Angela. As they drive away, Annie discovers that Angela's mouth has been stapled shut. Angela rips the staples off and attempts to bite Annie, distracting Stretch who crashes into substitute car, killing two newlyweds inside. Angela attacks the pair, showing supernatural abilities and aggression.

Fleeing, the duo attempt to flag beside a passing car for incite abandoned for the car to run more than Stretch. The shotgun-wielding girl exits the car and reveals herself to be Angela's mother, attempting to track her down. She kidnaps Stretch and threatens to shoot him if Annie doesn't tell her where Angela is. Meanwhile, the livestream goes viral and a horde of viewers enter the chat. Annie attempts to drive away in the mother's car. Annie gets shot at, crashes the car, and is attacked. in the same way as the back up of Stretch, Annie manages to lie in wait the mother's arm in the steering wheel and snap it. Distraught and desperate, Angela's mommy explains that she is actually 16 years old-fashioned and shows a recent photo of a teenage Angela following the similar tattoo. However, Angela appears, rips her mother's head off, and pursues Annie and Stretch.

The pair aspiration refuge in an by yourself amusement park but Angela speedily hunts them down and kills Stretch. Annie escapes and drives away in a extra car but Angela, who is chasing the car, causes it to crash. Angela breaks into the car aggravating to kill Annie and uses her powers to shove the car into a lake. Annie traps Angela in the car and escapes, collapsing upon the shore. Unbeknownst to Annie, Angela levitates out of the water and into the sky. Annie makes her way to a snooty house and makes her exaggeration inside, finding the property abandoned. As Annie celebrates her victory neighboring Angela, she speedily realizes she is at the quarters she was instructed to assume Angela to. Supernatural forces stop Annie from escaping and she flees, stumbling across occult symbols. Annie encounters a group of cult members who slit their throats simultaneously in the past instinctive attacked by Angela. Annie uses a knife to kill Angela. At the same time, a humanoid, slug-like brute bursts out of Angela's mouth and hunts for Annie, who flees into a tunnel, where she finds Stretch's wrecked car, in the midst of new vehicles. Annie uses her keyboard to emphasis the beast to death.

Exhausted from the night's events, Annie collapses in Stretch's car, and the livestream starts up again. As spectators enter the chat, Annie starts to rap practically her experience, even breaking the fourth wall upon returning home.

Movie`s Details

Title: Dashcam 

Genre: Horror 

Writer: Gemma Hurley, Rob Savage, Jed Shepherd 

Director: Rob Savage 

Actors: Annie Hardy, Amar Chadha-Patel, Angela Enahoro 

Runtime: 1h 20min 

Country: UK, USA 

Language: English 

Release Date: 2022-06-03 

Production: Blumhouse Productions, Shadowhouse Films 

imdbRating: 4.7 


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